Mark Stover

This blog has been established to honor Mark Stover.  Our hearts go out to Mark and his whereabouts.  There are many people who knew Mark and his talent with our canine friends.  Through his relationship with our dogs we also came to know Mark as a person.
My dog Jasper a Cooonhound was my introduction to Mark.  It’s been a 10 year friendship and learning dog owner curve navigated through Mark’s skill and talent.
In Marks honor this blog has been created.  Please share your thoughts, feelings, pictures and memories, click on response and submit with the most sincere regards for all families and friends involved in this apparent tragedy.
This site will be updated and changed with your feedback and help….
Maureen, Jasper and Lulu

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231 Responses

  1. is there any more news about where Mark body is? This story is just so sad and it makes me so angry that the jerk who murder mark is too selfish and cocky to help out.. May he rot in Hell. Bless Mark and his family and Friends!

  2. He should get more than 19 years.

  3. Today, December 15th, is the 49th day following Mark’s presumed death. In Buddhism, the 49 days following death are referred to as the bardo. The bardo represents the state in which the deceased soul wanders in the afterlife. On the 49th day, the deceased’s soul is reincarnated. Today is the day of Mark’s rebirth.

    • Are you able to post this on the Facebook site?
      Thank you for this sad, beautiful image.
      I also hear, from my Buddhist monk brother, that when there has been violent trauma, as well as an UNFOUND BODY, that the deceased may hang around for a longer time seeking resolution.

      • Woof, I understand this to be true. For those of us to whom Mark visits, I am told that we must encourage him to go to the light to cross over.

      • Unfortunately, I do not know how to use, thus post, on Facebook. Let’s hope that Mark’s spirit finds peace and resolution soon.

    • that’s very beautiful to share with us – thank you – today I will go to the hearing and maybe I will sense Mark’s presence in some way…

    • Merry Christmas, our friend Mark !

      Merry Christmas to all who know him and love him as we do – lets all look forward to a better day every day.

      It doesnt sting as much as when we just found out awhile back, but the hurt knowing that we cannot see him anymore here for now, will never go away until we see him again.

      We send our love and care to each one of you who have posted here and other places, and to all those wonderful, noble animals who thanks to our dear friend, have made this world a better place through their undying love and desire to serve and please humankind.

      Merry Christmas !! Happy New Year !!

      Dan and Ginie Franco
      Bellevue, WA.

  4. Hi everyone,

    I justed wanted to thank you to every one for sharing a little bit about themselves
    and their relationship with Mark. I think he would be totally shocked by this out pouring of love and support for hims, and to know just how many flives he has touched and friends he has

    I wanted to remind everyone that we are collecting donations to honor him with a tribute. The Friends of T Mark Stover is at Chase bank. The account number is 823296 280. Donations can be made at any Chase Bank. If you do not have a chase bank near you or prefer to ssnd a check, they can be sent to:

    Reilly Lorig
    4602 116th Ave NE
    Kirkland, WA

    If you have any question, please call me at (425) 822-6445 or e-mail me at

    Thank you all and have a Happy Holiday Season,

    Reilly, Kyla, and Sandy.

    • Hi Reilly,
      Would you leave a similar notice on the Facebook site also? I’m not sure if everyone, like me, goes back and forth between these two sites to keep up with thoughts and news.
      Thanks for setting this up!

    • Reilly, we need to think of a way to make this Memorial Fund public info. Get the news papers to run a story of the Mark we all knew and with info on where to make a contribition. I suggested earlier posting flyers, someone – I believe Jesse was going to work on that. The flyers can be posted all around the NW at petstores, dog parks, vets offices.

  5. Denise, that was surely a beautiful experience you had recently and over the years you were in contact with my good friend Mark.
    It is not to be considered strange for those we really love and care about to communicate with us from the Spirit World – it I believe, is not the norm, but it does happen oftentimes, when we are quiet, alone, and have been thinking deeply, and reverent.
    My ex-brother in law, Russ, once on a Christmas eve, was driving home and thinking very much about an older sister, who had drowned in the bathtup when she was a little toddler. He only knew here a brief time, and then she was gone. He was wondering about her on his way home, and suddenly, he could feel her presence in the car with him! He knew it was her, and she told him in his mind, that she was ok, and not to worry about her anymore, and she would see him someday. And then she was gone.
    He told me this story with alot of tears – tears of joy and happiness, in knowing that she was not gone forever, just in a different part of the world, and that he would have the glorious opportunity to reunite with her again as adults..

    So, it will be with our dearest friends, family, and especially Theodore Mark Stover.

    I think about this too every day, and am sick to just see on channel-5 news that that punk Oakes made bail today….

    Justice will be served, that is a promise – and if not now, and here, for sure, later, and everlasting.

    Best to all,

    Dan and Ginie Franco
    Bellevue, WA.

    • To clarify…Oakes remain in Skagit County jail as of now…the news report was that he “may” make bail

      • breaking news on goskagit, he got the money Sunday & is just waiting for his ankle bracelet. Article posted 12-7

      • This thread should continue, so we can understand, as a group of friends, where this wicked web will lead.
        It seems as though we are wandering in the dark, and aganist an evil criminal who has many faces.

    • Why are some comments not postrd?

      • Jeanne,

        The comments are reviewed prior to going on the site. If a comment is made and the person is new to the site it may take awhile for posting.

      • I’m not new and you haven’t posted two of my comments on contacting the Governor to voice complaints on Oakes being released. Neither comment deserved censor.

        Note: as of Dec. 8 he is no longer on the Skagit County jail roster.

      • Mike,
        To date there has not been a comment that has not been approved. If you don’t see your comment appear email me at Thanks for contributing your thoughts and opinions.

      • Mike, as sick as we all are over his release, I don’t think writing the Govenor will do any good, but I may be wrong. I like your thinking. What I want to know and I believe this is public info is WHO posted the bail. How do we go about finding this out? Does anyone know? We are talking a quarter million dollars that is NON refundable – something stinks here.

  6. I didn’t want to write this and I apologize for its length, but Mark has asked me to. Okay, there are those of you who will stop reading right now, and that’s okay. I don’t know what part of this story will touch whom, because I don’t know any of Mark’s friends or family. I can imagine that you are an eclectic bunch. I can imagine that you are creative, and appreciative. I know that doglovers are good people. I know that Mark is good people. I didn’t know him as Ted, but now they are one and the same. Before I get too far, I want to make sure you understand that Mark is no longer of this world in the physical sense, in case there are those of you still holding out hope. I don’t know how many of you have heard from him since his passing. I am not so glib to assume that I would be the only one.

    What a character. People who met Mark didn’t forget him. A bigger-than-life personality. He helped me train Chauncy, my yorkie, and became my friend twenty-five years ago. I had already been told that my problem with Chauncy would not get better, that small dogs are stupid and you have to beat it into them. Finding this totally unacceptable, I found Mark in the yellow pages. Mark took one look at my Yorkshire terrier and said, “If you want the speed bump for a hoover to drop his wingtanks outside, you have to let him out more.” Taking note of the cavernous spaces in our new home, Mark referred me to his mother who became our buyer at the Design Center. I recently read in some newspaper article that his mother worked in a furniture store in Seattle. Mark finds this amusing, as if they were speaking of a Levitz or some such. She actually dealt in special-order high-end quality décor. She was an artist. He is proud of his mother, despite the strain in their relationship at times. You may notice that I occasionally change tenses. I don’t do this purposefully, but some of what I write is current and must be relayed in that fashion. Years ago I was amused by his description of her as a great housekeeper, having kept a house after every marriage. Mark can be quite amusing. This is rooted in his complexity and marketed in several layers based on his audience. This is the very reason that many of his comments left you wondering, as he assessed at what level the conversation would plateau, much like a great test will reveal true potential and not a ceiling. Mark saw potential; this was one of his gifts.

    Chauncy took to Mark and our training commenced. I learned how smart Chauncy was and how much I had been underestimating him. Mark could get him to perform a task in a matter of minutes. Chauncy and I both looked forward to our visits with Mark. Mark took his time with us, and we both enjoyed our back and forth banter as Chauncy and I gained new skills. At one training session at a local school football field (twenty-five years ago you could get away with this) I recall after I repeated the “stay” command several times Mark quipped, “He gets more stay s than Gary Gilmore,” to which I replied that I wanted to make sure he heard me. For those pups reading this, Gilmore received several stays of execution in the ‘70’s while on death row. Mark proceeded to show me how well Chauncy could hear. We had him sit/stay at the edge of the field, we turned and walked to the other side of the field, about 150 feet away. Over the curvature of the field I could barely see Chauncy’s ears, poised and ready. Just as Mark predicted, after giving my command in a normal speaking voice Chauncy came running. Satisfied with my newly acquired canine skills, I thanked Mark and went on with my life.

    A few years later, after splitting up with my husband, I had created a need for more furniture. I contacted his mother once again for decorating assistance. The grapevine was intact and Mark called within a few days. We resumed a relationship, this time on a more personal level. He cooked a fabulous fresh fish dinner for me after shopping at Pike Place Market, complete with wine and flowers. I appreciated his humor and wit. He appreciated my intellect and 36-24-35, although possibly not in that order. Communication with humans was not his forte, however, and after a misunderstanding we parted ways.

    Fastforward 23 years. I’m very happily married and have been for 20 years, wonderful child, great dog. I hear of the death of T. Mark Stover, dog trainer of the stars, in the Seattle Times, buried somewhere toward the back of the paper, as if inconsequential. Like many of you, this has caused me pain and anguish. It has weighed on my mind. I have thought of him often. I have imagined being shot, I have imagined the immediate knowledge, before my demise of this most certainly being the end, a hopeless situation. Where’s Ding? A feeling of confusion over this stranger with a gun, a confusion which does not subside until I’m gone.

    For a while I am unsure why I cannot get Mark off my mind. I haven’t seen him or thought of him in over twenty years. My family believes I’ve become obsessed, a macabre fascination with an unsolved forensic case. I want to know where his body is. I want him to tell me. I want those who are responsible to pay. I want justice for Mark. My thoughts and emotion are weighing on me.

    As I am riding alone in my car, I summon him. His presence is immediate. He is on my left, near my ear. I have many forensic questions I have pondered over the previous weeks, but to my surprise I don’t ask them. Instead, I ask why the miscommunication 23 years ago. He does not respond in his characteristic riddle format, a complexity that could never be misconstrued as my own imagination. But I don’t need that proof for myself, because there is no doubt in my mind that it is him. He says, “Because I was just plain stupid, and I’m sorry.” That felt great. I didn’t realize I had a lump in my psyche that could so easily be smoothed. I hadn’t given much thought over the years to our unfinished business.

    Now I could get down to business. Tell me how to find your bod – “It’s all going to be okay.” Mark interrupted. But if you give me some clues I will make sure that the right people do the right – “It’s all going to be okay.” Mark reiterated. Each time I tried to get some answers, Mark interrupted with a strong reassurance in a very calm voice. He then told me to remember, “We are here to love, and that is all that matters.” I felt a swoosh of energy which started in my chest and tingled down through all of my extremities. It was not a romantic love. It was a pure, unconditional love. This is his message.

    At first I knew I needed to share this story. I received quiet confirmation of such in a calm and peaceful way. Then I talked myself out of it. People will think I am crazy. Some may be angry, wondering why he would come to me when they cared so much. Some may question the validity of my story, oh well! Maybe he communicates with many of you and you haven’t chosen to share it in this forum. Maybe he has tried to talk to others, but they can’t clear their mind enough to receive his messages. I know many of you have each other to share things on a more personal level with. I have been persistently nagged about sharing this story since this experience. So here it is. I wish he had spoke in quirky “Markisms” so it would be more obvious to all that it was he. I even wish he had told me where his body is, but I wasn’t running the show. He is ever-present and all-knowing, amidst his canine friends. Thanks to many memories Mark will not be forgotten and, “It’s all going to be okay.”

    • Beautifully written. You are not crazy, he has been very busy visiting many of us who he had not seen in some time. He said virtually the same thing to someone close to me. thanks for sharing

    • Denise,

      Thank you for sharing this with us. I experienced something similar when my grandmother passed many years ago and my father did when his father passed. This is the forum for all of us to express, how we feel, how we are coping, similar experiences and of course our love of Mark. I am glad you found the strength to do so as I was very moved by everything you said.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mark has been present in my life as well. Peace to you.

    • You gave me chills and for the first time since this horrific event, I feel a little peace. Thank you for sharing your very personal and REAL moment with Mark.

    • I wanted to lend a supporting hand out to you. There are many of us who are mourning and somewhat consumed with what has happened to Mark. I myself feel alone in my own house because my family doesn’t understand my feelings in this tragedy and they think I’m a little nuts ( possibly true. ) so I’m posting my E-mail address for you or anyone else for that matter who want to connect with someone who understands! I have met some wonderful strong people because of this nightmare and I know I feel some peace knowing they understand!!

    • Denise, I too have felt Marks presence close to me. On the monday after I found out about all of this, his horrible death I mean, I felt he was very near, standing under the trees in Volunteer Park. He was very somber and it felt very eerie. He was letting me know that it was true he was dead. Then on Thanksgiving I was at Greenlake with my dog Huck and saw a bald Eagle in the trees at the lake. Just weeks before Mark had called me about an Eagle. This was after my 14 year old dog had died. Mark said Ziv (my dog) had stopped by that day. A lone bald Eagle had flown low over his property. “Ziv wants us to know he is safe, happy and with Mil.” (Millie passed almost 4 years ago now) Well, I knew it was Mark telling me he was safe, happy, and with all of his and our dogs, and that he is with them until we get there. It lifted a heavy weight off of my heart and mind. The pain of this is far from over for me, but I am grateful I was in a peaceful enough place that I could see the sign he showed me. Just another wonderful gift given by a wonderful man.

      • I love this and thank you for sharing your experience, I find peace by reading it.

      • Shyrkas,

        Last week I was driving across the 520 bridge and a lone bald eagle was sitting on one of the light posts. As I drove under the post, I noticed that he was watching my car. It made me think of Mark and that he was out there still looking out for me and my girls and that he was okay.

        Kyla, my maniac lab has been acting out since I told her Mark was gone I think. Dogs understand alot more than we give them credit for. Two weks ago, she got on the counter and ate two dozen outmeal raisin cookies. She initially had some liver and kidney problems from raisins being poisonous to dogs, which has since resolved; just in time for her to eat about 15 pounds of dog food in one sitting. We were at our cabin, which does not have an emergency vet close by. As I sat stroking her as she groaned and moaned, looking like a monster sized bratwurst ready to explode, I swore I heard Mark say “She’ll be fine. Just sit with her and staple her lips shut next time you leave the house.” When ever he gave me a hard time about not being the alpha, I always threatened to staple his lips shut. A little ER humor.

  7. Oh shoot, here’s the link!!!

    • Get some tissues before you watch this…it will bring tears to your eyes. Well done Megan!

      • Thanks Tami!! On a side note I sent a link via E mail to all the reporters who I felt didn’t portray Stover in the best light to show them how loved and special he was!!(all thoses dogs can’t be wrong) I also E mailed one to John Henry Browne the Defense Attorney maybe perhaps like the Grinch his heart will grow 3 sizes and help us get some answers!!

      • Nutmeg,

        You just crack me up. What a firecracker you are…I love it! You may want to give one to the Prosecutor, he could use it for the trial he if wanted to.


    • Beautiful!!! Thanks for putting it together.

    • thank you for putting that together; what a beautiful testimony to his life!

  8. A tribute video for a great man and good friend to many!!

  9. In honor of Mark, I penned this for all who miss and mourn this amazing man. Peace and well-being to all.

    “God is my counselor, my consoler.
    He hears my cries,
    Dries my tears,
    Sends me hope,
    Showers love upon me,
    Calls me closer to Him,
    Calls me closer to His creation.
    In Him alone shall I find rest.
    In Him alone do I completely trust.
    My heart is open, hearing God,
    Listening for His Call,
    Bringing Truth and Comfort
    To my soul,
    So that I may walk upright in His Truth
    And prepare my Self
    To follow Him
    Wherever He may lead.”

    • Thank you for sharing that beautiful and special poem

  10. I’m putting together a video/Photo slide show tribute to Stover and would love any pictures you folks might have of your dogs or Stover and your dogs that I can use. If you can please Email them to me at Thank you!!

    • it is absolutely a bad idea to send anything to the defence attorney – he’s doing his job nothing more nothing less – you’re not helping in any way by doing this. In fact you could do harm.

      • In defense of Nutmeg, the video can be viewed by anyone as it is on you tube, links are on this website and facebook. It would not surprise me if defense, LO & Oakes family are viewing these on a regular basis, I know from another source the press is reading our posts. The video is another expression of our love and loyalty to Mark. Don’t be so harsh on her, she would never want to do anything to harm this case nor would anyone of us. Setting up the facebook and making the vidoe is helping her deal with the raw emotions we are all feeling.

      • To all

        Apparently, I must have misinterpreted my conversation with Shannon. I
        apologize that my sending a link to the tribute video to the defense
        has upset people, and I realize that I let my emotions get in the way
        of common sense. I in NO WAY sent that as a message that it was a
        “group effort” or that I would be swaying the defense to “change their
        tune” My intent ( albeit rash and possibly childish) was to change
        the narrative of how Stover is being portrayed. That the video
        represented the Mark I knew and loved,the person I saw. I also let
        Detective Haugland know what I had done in regard to the video and
        discussed with him the possibility of having an open forum with him
        and possibly the prosecution for any people who knew Mark and are
        active with this case i.e. the blogs, etc… to discuss what can and
        cannot be said or done in hopes of not jeopardizing the case.
        Furthermore, creating an opportunity for anyone who has not had
        contact with the detectives or prosecution to share any info no matter
        how insignificant that might be helpful. We all deal with grief and
        loss in different ways and I am aware that I should “tone it down” but
        I do have enough common sense to NOT do anything that would cause an
        issue with this case. My objective is I believe the same as
        everyone’s,to find Mark bring him home and have the person/people
        responsible held accountable. Again I am sorry if I upset anyone.



  11. I am thankful today for my dogs. But more thankful for Mark’s desire to share his gift of understanding dogs with others. Without his willingness to share his wisdom I know I wouldn’t be a dog owner today. If it wasn’t for Mark I would be missing out on a bit of life only a dog owner can truly appreciate.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    may Thursday November 26, 2009 be dedicate to T. Mark Stover.

    love to all

    • Happy Thanksgiving and I give thanks for every moment, every walk, every down/stay, every discussion and debate and all the laughter that Mark was able to generate out of the core of his beautiful self and his perpetually wonderful mind. Thank you Mark for everything and bless you today.

    • We all have in common one thing to be thankful for today: we have had the privilege to have known Mark. Nobody and nothing that may happen can take that piece of your heart away from you.

  13. Can anyone give us an update on Mark’s dog, Dingo. How is she doing, who is she staying with? It pains me to thing about what she went through.

    Also, looking for and update on the memorial fund that is being setup at Chase Bank. Is there an account number you can post so I can make my contribution?

    • Hi All,

      Sorry for the delay, between getting the stomach flu last Thursday/Friday and having a 4 legged, 70 lbs baby girl, it has been a busy week. She is doing great and mare and foal are healthy and happy.

      The Friends of T Mark Stover is at Chase bank. The account number is 823296 280. Donations can be made at any Chase Bank.

      Ding is out of the hospital and doing well, at an undiscloded location.

      • Thank you Reilly, for everything.

        Personally I think Dingo would make an excellent witness for the prosecution!

    • Ding is doing good, at an undisclosed location.

      As Eva and Nutmeg stated, we were so blessed to have known Mark. He gave me my two best friends.

      The account number for the Friends of T Mark Stover is 823296280. Donations can be made at any Chase Bank.

    Here is a link to the Facebook page!!

    • It is almost Thanksgiving and I always remember cooking a turkey and Mark came in and told me I was doing it all wrong. He took over and it was wonderful! I live in Monroe and if anyone needs a place to meet or whatever I would offer my home.

      • Yes, I’m glad you touched on that subject of his cooking! I was lucky enough to meet Mark when I got w/my husband in 79. (they met in school). Over the yrs, we talked about & shared food alot. I’d say pineapple upside down cake was easy, he’d say it was hard, he’d call and tell me about amazing shrimp costco had in & how he prepared it, and when he was waiting to move onto his new property he came up and cooked for a week, I marveled at how he announced what was for dinner each nite and wouldn’t let me lift a finger.(except maybe dessert) How did he have everything prepped in advance, I wondered, ?He was never underfoot in the kitchen, but the asparagus was peeled and everything else perfect, etc.(he had a box of tricks in his car) We will cherish all of those fun filled meals,& of course the laughter.

      • You just made me cry…..happy tears!! The world needs more people like you!!! Thank you for being you!!!

      • Thank you for sharing these stories with us. This was a side of Mark many of us did not know but I can totally see him doing these things. He was just that kind of guy.

        This Thanksgiving as we all gather with our families and friends and say a prayer and give thanks for our loved ones both with us and passed and let us all include Mark in those wishes.

      • My German shepherds and I are thankful and feel very fortunate to have experiended Mark’s Unique training. We miss you and will never forget you Mark.

        Dimitri , Quillian Yosph, Hervoski Yosph and Sparta

      • hello, all, I missed putting my name on my comment about Mark’s love and skill at cooking. I was so glad you mentioned it Jeanne,
        whoops and it sent,so to continue, We have an outdoor kitchen & we were having a heat wave when he was here, He had cut off jeans that i think he cut himself, so short…only he could pull off the look! His dogs and our french brittany spaniel had fun playing together .In spring 08, I called and told him we found a puppy on line in south dakota, he warned us that we would be getting a little “machine”, and he was sure right, tho when Mark worked with Ben he knew all the drills. Mark said we used our “grama voice” and indeed we do. What a magic man and wonderful friend to so many people (& dogs)

      • Back in the early 80s, I had a boyfriend that liked to hunt. He always cooked his venizon in Campbell’s beefy mushroom soup. In typical Mark fashion, he just showed up on the doorstep one evening. He took one look at what Kevin was about to do with the venizon said and said WAIT A MINUTE! In half an hour, we had the most gorgeous gourmet candle lit dinner. He was an amazing wizard in the kitchen. He found things in my pantry, I did not even know I had.

    • Mark used to help me with homework especially if my parents were out of town or for some reason couldn’t help. One time I had to do a cooking project for my foods class and bring it in to school the next day. Mark made it for me and I got an A and the teacher was so impressed. He used to tell me he was the reason my grades were so good!

      • I love it Amy and yes justice4mark we will all be thinking of Mark very much on Thursday and being grateful for all the memories we hold of him and the new friends we are now making because of him…

  15. Any graphic artist out there? Maybe we can make a poster or flyers with info on Mark’s Memorial Fund and or Facebook page and post those through out numerous communites we live in. I know Marymoor Park off dog leash area has a bulletin board, maybe other parks do as well.

    • Now that I think of it, my vets office has a bulletin board too. Just trying to think of ways to get Marks message out there and get his story told as well as raise money to honor this incredible man.

      Other ideas?? We are a creative and unique group all bonded together by Mark and his incredible gift.

    • Jessi is an artist and what a wonderful idea this is ts! her schedule is very busy but I know she’ll be thinking “creative” when she reads your post:)

    • Awesome Idea!!! Also Luther burbank has a Dog park!!

      • So to does Marymoor.

    • hi. I would love to make a poster or flyer in honor of Mark. for now. I am going to hang tight until this coming week passes. It’s busy for me personally and – well – following my gut, I think it’s best to hang tight.

      • Thanks Jessi. Maybe a flyer would work best that way we could all print it & make copies ourselves. Something you could email or post on the web or facebook page.

        Would just need your creative talent to put something together. Of course do it when you have time and are ready…you will know when that time is.

    • Thanksgiving is here and each time I cook a turkey I think of Mark. I was starting to cook my turkey and Mark came in. He told me I was not doing it right and he took over. It was wonderful!! I live in Monroe. I would love to offer my home for meetings or what ever.

  16. The Facebook page is up titled T Mark Stover “TEAM STOVER” Memorial! Please feel free to add photos or direct your friends with Facebook’s pages to the group. I’d like to get as many positive Mark stories out there and try and bring attention to our incredible dearly missed friend and get him the justice he deserves!!

    • FYI: I tried to find this on facebook, but no luck.
      I will try again later today.

      Here’s a thought for the page – be sure to mention the Memorial Fund at Chase Bank when all the info is available.

    • thank you so much nutmeg – I will see if I can find it – I just love these great ways of putting out there the awsomeness of just knowing Mark.

    • I found the FB page and only entered T Mark Stover and it came right up – it’s lovely and thanks again Nutmeg! the photos may be more challenging for me but with my daughters’ help maybe I can get some posted. Linda

  17. Not to take away from this wonderful memorial to Mark but to bring more attention to this case I’d like to set up a Face book page Justice for T Mark Stover. But before I do that I would like to take a group consensus. Would you all be OK if I set up a Face book page and used some of the wonderful pictures we have here? I would not be offended in the least if the majority of you felt uncomfortable with it. I feel like we are all “TEAM STOVER” here and should treat each other as such

    • YES That would be a great idea!!!!!!

    • Team Stover – I think that would make Mark really happy and connect everyone in a good way… good idea nutmeg:)

    • Nutmeg,

      I think it’s a wonderful idea.

  18. A common theme I have seen in a lot of the periodicals and news coverage of this story and Ted’s personality is how quirky, eccentric, unique, charismatic, guarded, and “different”, he was…….Its called BREAKING THE MOLD and we should all be so lucky to be remembered that way….. who wants to be a sheep and be, look, act, and dress just like everyone else? One thing this sad and painful experience can teach us all is….you only have one, sweet, wild and precious life….lets LIVE it to the fullest! P.S. I don’t think of him any other way than a really super cool dude……

    • Beautifully put!! That is the one thing I admired most about him and even after he made it “Big” he never changed who he was or how he treated people. He very easily could have bought a McMansion, drove a Hummer and shied away from his old friends and hob knobed with the “Elite”,but he continued to keep it simple with the occasional indulgence and treated EVERYONE equal!!! He was a rare GEM!!!

  19. Friends of T. Mark Stover Fund update.

    I just received the EIN number from the IRS and have an appointment tomorrow at 1:00, to finish setting up the fund. It will be at Chase Bank and Teresa and I will both be on the account to assure that all funds used appropriately as stated. I will post the account number tomorrow. Donations can be made at any Chase Bank. If you do not have a Chase Bank in your area, you can mail a check to:

    Reilly Lorig
    4602 116th Ave NE
    Kirkland, WA 98033

    Please make sure the check is made out to Friends of T. Mark Stover.

    All proceeds will be used for a bronze sculpture of Mark and Gunter or another one of Mark’s cherished GSDs, to signify the bonds between humans and canines, Mark’s love and connection with dogs, as well as his contributions to dogs, their owners, along with society in general. It will also be used to make a bench for the Bellevue park where so many of his lessons took place, and a possible reward. Any money that remains will be donated to a dog charity of Teresa and Victoria’s choosing.

    I have been assured that arrangements have been made for Amber, Beth, and the other trainers.

    • do you have a sense of how much you’d like to raise?

      • We are hoping for about $60-70,000, but have contingency plans for smaller donations. I feel we should aim high and see how close to the stars we can reach and be happy with whatever we get.

    • Thank you for getting this set up.

    • Thanks Reilly for all your efforts. I will wait for the account number and fondly make a contribution to his fund in the names of my dogs that Mark touched, Angel & Koda.

  20. Although it was a long time ago (1990) when Mark arrived at my house to help me with Tuco, I will never forget it. He drove up in a big old “Dogillac” with Tiny – the biggest German Shepherd I had seen. Within about 10 minutes of meeting Tuco, Mark was petting his head. Tuco had a quizzical look on his face … “how did this happen? I don’t let strangers pet me.” As the session went on, it became clear that it was me that needed training! In fact, all these years later, I STILL need training. Thank you Mark for starting me on the dog training path. My dogs – even the ones that never met you – also thank you.

  21. Mark was a special man who deeply touched the lives of countless dogs and people. How many people on this earth were given his gift? Mark was absolutely unforgettable. He possessed a unique blend of genius, wit, and a generous spirit.

    The blog resounds with proof that his unthinkable end is not
    “the end.” There is an enormous outpouring of love, admiration, and respect, not to mention a reflection on the “Markisms.” Mark lives on in each of us and in our relationship with our dogs and future dogs. They adored him and the life they had at camp with their nature walks, playtime, and training sessions. Mark’s Followers loved knowing that by sending our companions to camp we had done something special for them. We relished the image of them traipsing around the island muddy and happy. Weren’t there camp jackets?

    Phoebe and I would have periodic training sessions with Mark – -actually, they were more for me. We would walk through Downtown Park and Nordstrom’s. Phoebe, aka
    “The Countess,” adored Mark. I am sure she was crushed when she realized a training session did not mean she was heading to camp. I can picture us walking along; Phoebe would look up at Mark as if to say, “how am I doing, boss?”
    Mark’s comment to Phoebe, as we cruised along was “look at Phoebe go!” And Phoebe would beam. Each and every day I say to Phoebe “look at Phoebe go!” Sometimes Mark would bring Dingo to our training sessions. In the early days he brought Ruby. I feel great concern for Dingo and how she must feel about what happened to Mark and to herself. I hope she can live with someone she knows and trusts and will give her the love and support she deserves.

    For Beth & Amber a quote from the Tibetan Book of Living & Dying: ” .. a great master never dies. He is inspiring me even as I write this: he is the force behond everything I do; it is he who goes on giving inner direction.” I hope there can be a way, with the help of Mark’s Followers, to carry on the work and the spirit of our Island Dog Adventurer. Mark was proud of you and all that you achieved together. My heart goes out to you both. I can only imagine how difficult and sad this has been for you.

    Mark’s endless thirst for knowledge was an inspiration – - history, world affairs, travel, wine, you name it. His mind and spirit, which deeply touched so many individuals created this blog. Read these comments of the past ten days – - – do people care about Mark or what!? The outpouring is heartfelt and he must feel it.

    A Friends of Mark Stove Fund is a terrific idea. It would honor Mark, help Beth & Amber, and Dingo. If feasible, wouldn’t the best tribute be to have Island Dog Adventures continue? Am guessing Mark would want that for Beth, Amber, the dogs, the dogs’ families, and his special legacy. (amidst the shock of his loss there is a great deal of “what are we going to do” out there). A number of wonderful ideas have been voiced for tributes – -a bench, statue, special dog tags – -these are all lovely. There will probably many forms of tributes for Mark which is a good thing.

    May justice be served for this unfathomable crime.

    My deepest condolences to Teresa, Beth, Amber, Victoria, family, and friends.

    With happy memories, Pam & Phoebe

    • that’s really beautiful Pam and Phoebe…

  22. Harley had been to Mark’s the week before Mark disappeared. His bill seemed to indicate that Harley’s diet had been reduced, but my wife Celia couldn’t be sure. A series of e-mails ensued, complete with Mark-speak, circumlocution, and customary elliptical humor. Exasperated, Celia finally asked:

    “Is it true, then, that while at camp, Harley’s diet consisted of two meat patties per day?”

    Mark replied:

    “Harley looks pretty good in that pink dress, then?”

    That was the last we heard from him. Harley adored Mark, who mentored him and our family in Harley’s evolution from a wild, stray, sick, rescue dog to a loving and fully participating family member. His trips to Anacortes were truly vacations for Harley, who always takes his job as family-protector with the utmost seriousness. Mark called Harley’s trips to Anacortes “going off duty”. We had thought we saved Harley’s life in 2001 by adopting him from the animal shelter. Mark saved his life (and ours) again.

  23. I’ve been racking my wee brain for a Mark-ism. I was only nine years old when I first met him and he gave me a few lessons on how to control “my” beautiful black Great Dane named Cara. but.. I finally remember something he said to me, YEARS and YEARS ago, when I was but nine or ten, holding onto her leash, trying to assert my laughable dominance. We always used one of those big chain collars – harmless when around the neck but very usefull when small hands applied pressure to it, I remember him telling me (and I didn’t quite understand this at this time, though, I do understand it now):

    “this collar isn’t for HER, it’s for you.”

    still makes me laugh. and it’s SO true.

    • I agree a really good idea. Perhaps something that can be clipped on to the middle of the leash, so that it would be clearly visible to other T.M.S dog owners? Just a thought.

  24. I’d like some way of indicating that my dog is a Mark Stover trained dog, besides her good manners of course – Something easily visible that would allow us to at least give a nod of acknowledgement to each other as we are out with our dogs.

    • Even though my memories are of Mark training my childhood dogs…It would be with great honor that I could affix some sort of tag or leather lanyard (I am sure there could be many creative ideas) in Mark’s memory. Any dog would be PROUD to wear it. GREAT IDEA.

      • I love that idea. They have those pink ribbons representing breast cancer, yellow wrist bands representing “Live Strong” – some sort of dog tag in honor of Mark would be really special. this will of course require a budget – but if we all chipped in for a simple tag reading something simple we can all agree on (say, “Queenie” – T.M.S. for example) – that would be pretty special…

        I think we could organize this is we put our head’s together.

    • Mark wasn’t like that. He never asked me to pass his name around or to tell my friends. He simply helped my dog. I don’t think a status symbal represents Mark at all. Sorry, I just don’t think this is a great way to remember such a great person.

  25. “(insert dog name her) has passed go, collected $200, and made it to Boardwalk a hundred times before you have one eye open in the morning.”


    “(insert dog name) went from zero to the speed of light before you crossed the start line”

  26. I am wondering about a Memorial Fund that would help whoever is caring for Mark’s dogs. A vet bill for a gun shot wound, perhaps even helping Beth and Amber who are now suddenly without jobs.

    • I am working on a Friend’s of Mark Stover Fund. That will help with that. It will also be used to hopefully make a bronze statue of Mark and Gunter as a tribute to Mark and what he has accomplished for human and canines alike. His sister Victoria and I have discussed this and feel, it would be a great way to memorialize his accomplishments. I have contacted a well-known local sculpturist to get a quote. i will be posting details on Tuesday or Wednesday, So stay tuned folks!


      • Excellent idea on both a statue & memorial for Mark. I am also concerned about Beth & Amber and how they are getting by financially while they are coping with their terrible loss. Mark would be pleased to know we are taking care of them while they get their lives back in order. Will wait for details.

      • Thank you Reilly for starting a fund! Love the idea of a bronze statue as a tribute to Mark.

      • I have some thoughts on this. Beth has my contact info..

        Paul Mullally

    • I think a fund to help with Beth, Amber and Ding would be wonderful. I love the idea of a bronze statue of Mark too. Would anybody also like to consider being part of a fund to have a memorial bench placed in Mark’s honor at the downtown Bellevue Park. I know Mark spent a lot of time there and there are many benches going around the perimiter of the park in memory of people who enjoyed walking there, many of whom probably even knew Mark and saw him working with literally scores of dogs?

      • I think a bench in that park or possibly other parks are all great ideas as well as the statue.

        I am proud to be part of this wonderful group…we don’t know each other yet we are all drawn together to rememeber Mark whether it’s this website/blog, statue, benches.

        I suggest we have Beth, Amber, Mark’s fiance & sister all make the decisons on how to apply the funds for memorials for Mark.

      • I think the bench is a great idea.
        I’ve known T. Mark since he was 5 and he would have certainly taken a seat in the park himself.

      • I would be happy to help out with anything to honor Mark. The bench and the statue are both great ideas.

    • the vet has generously donated his services.

  27. “She’s poised for an IPO.” This was our first experience with Mark and his ‘isms’. While my wife, Galena and I only knew Mark a short while, the impact he had on our little slice of life was deeper and more meaningful than I could have ever imagined.

    We remind Galena everyday just how proud Mark would be at her success and know he’ll be there at her IPO.

    Beth and Amber: we all know the integral role you played in the lives of our four legged family members. Thank you.

  28. My dear sweet Mark:

    As I put pen to paper it is 13 days since I first heard the terrible news from Beth. I still cannot absorb this. I am sad, angry and cannot truly grasp this has happened.

    I met Mark in 1993. I found him in the Yellow Pages! I needed a dog psychologist/trainer. I had recently acquired a cute “little” great dane puppy we named Jake. Jake grew into 220 lbs of muscle and aggression. We had two other female great danes and a golden retriever. The only one he didn’t mess with was Cara. I was terrified Mark would be mauled when he walked into the house. He came in calmly and full of confidence, crouched down and said “JAKEY come here you big lug”. Jake melted and Mark’s magic was immediate in my house that day. After that we had regular Wednesday walks in the park in downtown Bellevue and Medina and sometimes at the house. Twelve dogs in sixteen years and hours of conversation with Mark as we put in the miles and he taught the dogs and me how to behave. We had a Queenie, a Lil the Pill, Carabella, Polly Pachyderm, Frenchie the french bulldog and Maggie (Magpie) and the most recent one Her Highness the Pug. He worked his magic on all of them.

    Going to doggy camp at the island was always a big event. “let’s go to Uncle Mark’s” and the excitement was palpable. Turning off the highway I would open the windows. Noses in the air, tails thumping, steam starting to mist my windows and we’d arrive in a flurry of swishing tails, tongues hanging, drool flying and jangling collars as they poured out of the “dog van” into the safe and capable hands of Mark and one of “the girls”. Away they went never looking back, off to their big adventure.

    Like everyone, I was amazed at Mark’s natural ability to connect with dogs, understanding and communicating with them and just knowing how the canine/human relationship has to be experienced in order for it to work for both.

    I too enjoyed hearing about his colorful ancestors, his Montana trips, his stories, his neverending efforts to teach me American history and we enjoyed talking law and debating politics on a few occasions but finally agreeing to disagree!

    I will so miss Mark’s quick wit which flowed incessantly at every opportunity. I too wish I had a memory like him so I could recall of the “markisms”. He has left an indelible mark on everyone who knew him even for a short time – he was larger than life. I am sure he has rescued hundreds of dogs who might otherwise have been given up on by less committed owners. He has taught so many of us how to behave with our dogs to make our dogs become better canine citizens. He has given me the tools to keep on with the work he started – now it is up to me to carry that forward with my dogs and now when working with them I reflect on “what would Uncle Mark say”.

    My warmest heartfelt condolences are with Mark’s family, both literal and his “work” family, and with his many dear friends that he treasured each and every one. Theresa my heart goes out to you, as the promise of this wonderful man finding peace, joy, happiness and love with you has been brutally snatched away from both of you in an unimaginably brutal and senseless act.

    With all our love,

    Linda, Jakey, Lily, Cara, Tasha, Jasmine, Clover, Maggie, Pollyanna, Tug, Tumble and Marguerite – you will stay in our hearts always.

    “The end of the end is the start of a journey to a much better place”, Paul McCartney

    • moma,
      this is lovely. absolutely lovely. I love you. and I can only imagine that Mark is, somehow, resting in peace, knowing that we all feel this way. your words are remarkable moma.

      • thank you Jessi – there are not words enough to express sixteen years worth of Mark – I feel enormously privileged and lucky that he came into our lives and taught us so much… I did forget to mention that he and the girls nursed my Tug through 5 months of rehab after going through two consecutive knee surgeries and totally got her healed before handing her back to me as good as new – there is no way I could have done it without the whole team at the island – a special “thank you” from Tugboat.

  29. It’s been an emotionally difficult day today I am sure for all of you. I had a thought about collecting all the “MArk-ism’s” in one place.

    Many of you had written some in the blog, perhaps we can remember even more of them and collect them. Mark-ism’s really are “Mark-wisdom quotes”…..

    One just popped into Shaun’s memory when Mark taught us about our bossy puppy 3 years ago and we laughed:

    “…every morning you put that collar on madame along with her Chanel no. 5.”

    • “…(insert dogs name here) needs to realize that he’s destined for middle management.”

      “He’s reading ahead in his book.”-referrring to when the dog would go through the series of commands that we’d practiced before I’d actually given the commands.

      “He’s pulling a Ted Kennedy”-still not sure what that one meant

      “You’ve got a real Mike Lowry on your hands here.”- That was what Mark told me at my first session with him 13 years ago. Although I found it a bit strange and still don’t know what he meant, it was intriguing enough for me to have him back.

      If either my wife or I couldn’t make one of our weekly sessions with Mark there would always be a phone call to the other one relaying if any good “Markisms” were uttered that day.

      I’m sure we’ll remember many more.

      • “……(insert dogs name here) can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

      • Yes – Mark called Sophie “Princess” when she was a puppy” and “Queenie” as she got older.

        He would often remind us “She will always aspire for the corner office and it’s your job to continue to remind her that she’ll never make it past middle managment”

        Mark also said using the electronic collar was like calling: “1-800- SOPHIE”

    • Had to share a memory of Woody’s month in boot camp that has been with me since I learned of Mark’s disappearance. Woody (a terrible rescue rottweiler) had shaken my cat and separated her shoulder. I felt that I had to get him into training immediately. After the fact, I felt that Mark’s techniques were more negative than I might have otherwise considered, but I was desparate.

      When I came back for my two-week training session, he had Woody on the shock collar, and he was behaving perfectly. He said, “Your dog’s a wimp! I can control him on level 1. I’ve had POODLES who had to go to 4 or 5!”

  30. Bail reduction hearing canceled news link

  31. Todays hearing has been canceled!

  32. A group of Mark’s followers are planning on meeting at the courthouse at 1:10

  33. Not a day goes by where I do not check this website. I have laughed and cried reading all of the comments from people who loved and admired Mark… Not only for his true talent he had working with dogs… but for the great person Mark truly was. I have had the best time getting to know Mark very well over the last 9 years. I have been Mark’s hairdresser and have had the pleasure of seeing Mark about every 6 to 8 weeks. I always looked forward to Mark coming in for his appointments. He would have everyone in the salon laughing! Cracking jokes. Talking politics and teasing all the girls. He always said the most inappropriate jokes… but for some reason when Mark told them it was OK and everyone would laugh! Mark was always the center of attention when he came in. Over the years he trained my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Luka. He turned her into a true lady. He would tease Shay who works with me by saying my dog Luka was now better trained any of Shay’s boyfriends would ever be. We would laugh and laugh. I have sent many of my clients to Mark over the years and everyone of them has had the most remarkable experience with Mark. He truly is a master of his art. Over the years I have so enjoyed our conversations. We talked about everything. Mark was always giving me advice. I loved hearing his stories about all the dogs he was working with. All his hunting and fishing stories. And was always amazed by all the witty remarks that came out of him. Mark was such an intelligent man. To watch him work with the dogs was amazing. He knew what they were going to do before they even did it. I have never seen anyone with such a talent with dogs. Mark talked a lot with me recently about how happy he was. How in love he was. He was in such a good place. I am glad that is my last memory of him. Happy. Mark….. I miss you beyond words. I am grateful to have known you. I will miss our conversations. I will missing you pulling up in front of the salon in your porsche. I hope those who did this to you get punished. Because this is just not fair…..

    All my love~

  34. An Original Man by The Yardbirds

    A man I knew

    Died too young

    And in the end

    His song unsung

    He touched my life

    He touched my soul

    Given time he`d reach his goal

    An original man that I knew

    An original man right through

    A sadness hidden

    Behind his gaze

    Before his time

    In many ways

    People copy,

    Take and steal

    But my friend he was for real

    An original man that I knew

    An original man right through

    Time gives

    And takes away

    Everybody has their day

    Even now

    I see your face

    You never left without a trace

    An original man that I knew

    An original man right through

  35. As I sit here and still try to wrap my head around this whole thing, my heart aches. I began my adventure with the island dog adventure family in the fall of 05. I was never more excited to go to work and freeze my butt off. By the winter of 06 I was pregnant and afraid of losing my job. Do to the physical duties. Mark was an awesome support and I knew he wasn’t disapointed in his decision as I waddled around in my bright pink crocs. Mark had something to say about them everyday. I think he wanted a pair of his own. After returning to work, Mark always made it a point to ask about “Hotshot”. And always had some kind of parenting advice. One afternoon Mark asked me what I thoungt was harder. Raising kids or raising puppies? I had to admit. That you can legally put a puppy in a crate. He laughed and shot back with. I always say if you make the kids wear turtlenecks you can remote them. Mark and I became closer as we moved off the island and temporarily to my property. He would come flying up the driveway no matter what he was driving. Jump out the the rig and yell Berski (which Mark named me) How the heck are ya? You hangin in there. I had just recently split from my daughters father. And was trying my hand at this dating thing. One afternoon Mark made it back home before I did and my new boyfriend Billy was there . I guess they met and Mark soon left. He called and was concerned. He said who’s this Bill and what are his intentions. I said I was hoping I had a man of his word and I truly believed his intentions were good. Mark being Mark went on about how he knew people and he could read them just as good as any dog. And as I prepared to not like what was about to come out of his mouth he surprised the heck out of me and told me not to screw it up!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Mark and Billy’s friendship grew and recently we were planning a cook off. Im sorry that will never happen. I was looking forward to getting the Two BullHeads in the kitchen together. By the fall of 08 I found out I was pregnant for the second time. The first thing out of Beths mouth was Im not telling Mark. And honestly I was more nervous to tell Mark then my own family. So I called him and asked if we could meet. He said he would be in town @3pm. I coulndn’t believe I had to wait all day. We met up at the park and he was so serious.Which made me twice as nervous. As I blurted out Bill and I are going to have a baby. Mark just smiled and reassured me everything was going to be okay. And thanked me for not making him read it on the internet.
    I June of 09 Billy and I welcomed Harley-Rose and yes she is named after a clients dog. Soon aflter having the baby I took a pretty good spill and hurt my foot and knee. Mark found out and called to make sure I didn’t need surgery.He had a good one in mind for me. As I returned to work at the end of this summer Mark and I had many good talks. I usually worked Sundays alone and Mark would come down and hang out and just talk. I am so grateful for this. One mornig I was a little and down and Mark asked what was up. I just said. I was coming to realize who my true friends were in this life. Mark said Ber Im your friend and I will always be here for you and Bill.
    I truly believe Mark is watching over all of us and I know he kept me safe on the day the angels took him home. Mark my friend I will be seeing you. I can not thank you enough for giving me the chance to work with you and learn from truly the best teacher ever. I witnessed magic. I am so greatful my children got to meet you and I am greatful to have made you proud. You recently told me you were proud of us for working hard and giving our children the important things in life. Like our attention. You talked about Blossom and how you knew she loved you kids like you were hers. But you said we were doing the best thing ever by raising our own. I am so glad I called you the last time I did . I almost didn’t . Crossed my mind I would just talk to you in the morning Im glad I didn’t wait. Mark I miss all the things that made me crazy from your akward yes please phone aswering habit to never wanting to throw any thing out. He was truly convinced you could fix ANYTHING with duct tape. I am so glad you found happiness. Teresa is one of a kind. What a beautiful spirit. We talked alot about how nice is was to have someone who accepted you for you and who was truly here for you no matter what it was. We both agreed we were finally with the right ones. Mark with the hugest whole in my heart. I hope we can honor you and keep your memory alive and to move forward with the gift you taught us. I look forward to the day I can see you again. I picture you walking with all the dogs we’ve lost along the way. And in that I find peace. You will forever be in my heart.

    • What a moving comment. Thank you for sharing this with us. God Bless you and your family.

    • I met Mark 7 years ago when we had a crazy young boxer who was completely out of control. Koa had my husband and I on a very short leash. We were afraid to leave the house, for more than a few hours, for fear of what we’d come home too. Mark took care of training Koa quickly. It was me who needed the most work.

      Today started with a beautiful Seattle morning but I was crying. Mark was supposed to be at my house this morning. I wanted to see his car to drive down the lane and I wanted to hear our dogs go crazy. It’s unfathomable to me that someone has taken his life. Will I really never see him again?

      As I write this, I can hear the dogs barking and see Mark walking in, talking to each one of them. My son will stop whatever he’s doing to run over and yell “Hi Mark!” They continue a very grownup conversation about where Ace’s pants may be, about going to art class and about speaking French. All of which Mark gets the biggest kick out of. This is the second child that has grown up with Mark coming once a week. The third one is still a baby but Mark wants to see him too. Then it’s my turn. Mark and I always talk whether I go out with he and the dogs or not. We talk about everything from kids, to politics, to art, to relationships, to hunting, to vacations, to sports, to history, to cars, to wine etc…we’ve covered a lot of ground over the years. I’m never quite sure who’s getting more out of this deal, the dogs or me.

      I’ll never forget the one time I made Mark Stover speechless. He was asking about my husband’s motorcycles when I casually mentioned that Dan had just traded in his sporty yellow Ducati for a new little black Vespa. Marks jaw dropped as he was in utter shock. The look on his face was priceless! He feared for Dan’s sanity.

      I miss you Mark. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being you.

      • We live in the same neighborhood & Koa became friends with my husband, Mia – our dog & I on a walk many years ago. Koa was I believe a year at most. She got out of your house & she followed us all the way home. We called the number on her tag & your husband came to pick her up.

        Long story short – Mark & I had a training session for Mia that week & I told him about that sweet Boxer that followed us home & he said “Oh Koa..that knucklehead would follow a ….” one of his great lines & we laughed.

        A lot of dogs in our neighborhood are holding their own vigil for a friend lost.

  36. I had a talk with my dog today….she loved Mark.
    He was always there for her.
    I tried to explain what had happened.
    I don’t think she understood.
    But through my tears I saw Mark staring at me through the love that is aways in her eyes.
    To all who have posted here, go to your dog.
    Mark is there.

    • Isn’t that the truth…in fact did just that tonight. What a wonderful gift he has given all of us. Thank you for your message.

  37. We were fortunate to meet Mark about 12 years ago. K2 our GSD was the “executive of all executives”. She was young and definitely not interested in giving up her title to anyone until she met Mark. At the first introduction, K2 gave Mark the business. He calmly said he would be right back. He returned donned in full padded gear and took K2 by the leash and started to walk off with her. We were shocked and thought this guy is crazy! They walked a few lengths back and forth all the while Mark was talking to her calmly. Suddenly K2 turned and was attacking- hanging by her mouth off his arm. Mark was unphased. I asked him if he was alright, he looked at me like I was crazy. When we returned the next week to pickup K2-we could not believe our eyes. Mark and K2-buddies! Oh yes and she had the infamous new title of “Queenie”. Mark’s guidance, training and expert knowledge saved K2′s life. She had numerous other behavior specialists that couldn’t crack her, this was the last stop for K2. Our story has a happy ending, with Mark’s instruction, K2 was able to assimilate into our family and had a wonderful full life. Our deepest sympathies to all of Mark’s friends and family. Such a loss- a senseless tragedy for humans and K9′s.

  38. I cannot even begin to put into words the impact Mark Stover has had on my life. He has been a constant in my life every day for the past 9 years – I truly have lost a member of my family. Knowing and working with Mark has forever changed my life for the better. I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the memories I have of him… all the sayings, jokes, stories… He taught me so much and there were so many things I respected and admired about him, from his quick wit, to his vast knowledge, to his incredible dedication.

    When I first started working, Mark and I weren’t sure how to talk to each other. Of course I was the girl that showed up on my first day in white sneakers and a white sweatshirt, so I’m sure he didn’t think I stood a chance working with dogs! I was very shy and he used a lot of big words and analogies that went right over my head, so there was a lot of polite smiling and awkwardness from both of us at first. Then one day my Yorkie that I grew up with passed away. He surprised me when he pulled me aside and spoke to me and just wanted to make sure I was ok. He talked to me about when he lost his Adrianna. He was so sweet, gentle and genuine. That is one of my favorite memories of Mark. It was in that moment that I knew he really cared about me, and I knew he’d be in my life forever.

    That someone that meant so much to everyone that knew him has been taken away from us in an instant is beyond comprehension. I read all of your posts and memories about Mark, and I cry and smile with each one. Mark was recently learning how to use the computer, and I know he would be so impressed and blown away by this site. He would think that it was a “beautiful thing”. Mark and I never really had long conversations about cars, fishing, history or politics (some of his passions), but we did always talk about the dogs. He was so passionate about dogs and we talked about how much they meant to us, how much they helped us through hard times and were always there for us, and how they truly were our lives, not just a part of our lives. He loved every “Queenie”, “Bub”, and “Baby” (small dogs, like my Amiga) and even every “Old Goat”, “Biddy”, “Bag” and “Jerky Boy or Girl” that he met. We also talked about our wonderful clients that have stuck by our sides through thick and thin. You all were so much more than clients to him. You were friends and family to him and he had so much respect and admiration for you all. He spoke fondly of each one of you. He would be so humbled, honored and touched by your wonderful thoughts of him and for the outpouring of love, respect and support.

    -Mark, I will forever regret not being there for you those last 2 weeks. I miss you so much and I promise you that I will never let you down again. I will be here for you in every way, whether it is to help continue on your legacy or to help make sure your Baby Ding is safe and cared for. I hope that you have met up with Gunter, Ethan, Tiny, Aida, Adrianna, Sadie, Mike, Badger, Ruby and all your other “kids” and four legged friends that have been lost along the way, and that you can forever rest in peace.

    With unwavering love and respect always,


    • Oh, Beth — so sad to read your post. My heart just goes out to you and his other employees, as well as friends. I barely knew him — Woody was there for a month, and boarded a few other times — but I’ve been so saddened by his apparent death. He was a most remarkable man. I am hoping that justice will be done here.

  39. When we plan a search, we must involve the Skagit County Sheriff’s Department. A friend recently went searrching on her own and was told the stop after finding some suspicious bags. I have a call in to Dectective Haglund regarding how we can go about searching and help bring the offenders of this horrible crime to justice.
    The alleged perpetrator has an account on Facebook for those interested in learning a little about him.

    • I searched using his full name and nothing with the spelling of Michiel. Any tips or can you post a link?

    • I tried doing a search and couldn’t locate is the spelling Michiel correct? I found alot of Michaels. Any tips or can you post a link?

      • I think they may have pulled the link.

    • I went on the internet. He was born 5.26.68 in Multnomah County. He holds an international patent on a non lethal device which I think is used for practice target shooting. He has a few residences/offices near Gresham and Beaverton Oregon. He shares an address in Kenniwick with a Sharalynn Oakes? That was all i could find, i am not a good sleuth, wish I had learned how to hack!

  40. For anyone interested,

    The perprator of Mark’s homicide has a court hearing on Friday at Skagit Valley distric court at 1:30 for his bail reduction, and another one is scheduled for Dec. 4th At 4:00. I would double check before going to the Dec. 4th hearing with the court house, in case it gets postponed. This is a common and frustrating part of serious felony cases.

    • Good, at least he is stuck in jail right now. If his bail is reduced, are we to assume that he will be bailed out? Does anyone know who hired his attorney John Henry Brown? Will Tahlia Ganser be at the bail hearing? Is it open to the public?

    • The second court date is for Dec 1, 2009 at 4:00

      • Thanks for the correction. My bet is the Opdykes as to who is paying for his defense.

    • Thank you for the info. If anyone is planning on being there on Friday, please post any info you can pass on.] Let’s hope the bail amount stays and this man stays behind bars.

  41. While I have not talked to Mark in nearly 8 years, I am greatly saddened by this horrible news. I met Mark in December 2001 when I needed some help with my busy and bossy 1 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix Nelson.

    As I was dropping off Nelson for his 2 week Boot Camp, Mark asked me if Nelson was my first dog. I responded that I had dogs growing up, and had done a lot of dog sitting. (I thought I knew a lot about dogs.) Then Mark proceeded to tell me something that I will never forgot for the rest of my life: “Next time you get your first dog Jane, get one that is dumber than you.” While I told Mark that I had an advanced degree, he just stood there and smiled at me. I now know what he meant.

    Mark completely changed the dynamic between me & my smart dog. He helped me understand that sneaky mind, and also made me more accountable to raise a responsible dog. I am sad that future dog owners will not have the opportunity to learn from the “Dog Master.” I consider myself lucky that Mark contributed to my life with my dog. He clearly made an impact on me, and Nelson too.

    I hope that Mark is currently surrounded by dogs and wonderful people who love him and are appreciating his expertise, his humor and his love for the human-animal connection.

  42. I just wanted to thank Maureen and everyone for putting together the get together for Mark and JM Cellars for allowing us to use their beautiful facility.

    Maureen, Could you e-mail me with the contact information. I am going to try to contact Dective Haglund tomorrow. My e-mail is

    • Regarding the independant search:

      Marks neighbor contacted the authorities to see if it would be productive to conduct an independent search. Here is the result of the conversation.
      “I have contacted the Skagit County Sheriff Department. They have not suspended the search for Mark, and understand our concerns and impatience, but have asked us not to organize a search at this time for fear of contaminating a site or evidence. I do not have any more news that I can share, but will keep you posted of any changes.”

      • Skagit District Court
        Friday 11/13/09
        bail reduction hearing

  43. We were shocked and deeply saddened to hear about Mark. We were referred to Mark in 1990 when we were looking for our first German Shepherd. After a lengthy “interview” with Mark on the phone, he informed us that Ethan had fathered a litter and they were 3 weeks old. We went to see them and 3 weeks later were blessed to bring Kiah home with us. When we decided to add a second GSD to the family, Mark helped us find the perfect puppy and Annika, our 12 1/2 year old German Shephard was added. We spent over a year, every week in the Bellevue downtown park working with Annika. Then, Kiah passed away and we added Jax to the family. Mark started training Jax at 9 weeks old and continued with us once a week for 1 1/2 years, in addition to training bootcamps when we travelled. I learned so much about dogs, training, cooking, and huntin. As many others have mentioned, he was Uncle Mark to our dogs and the mention of his name gets Jax so excited. He thinks he is going to see Uncle Mark. When I think that none of us will see him again, it makes me very sad and angry. We will miss him, his humor and his patience.
    We would certainly be willing to help in any search efforts.

  44. I continue to be so grief stricken about Mark. He called me not Four weeks ago and was talking about challenges and joys in his life. His joys were his fiancee and his new house.

    Even with the challenges he remained funny and sarcastic in that humorous quick witted manner he had and almost acted like the challenges were no biggy.

    I had been involved in ballet 40 years ago and he would be so cute by leaving me a message. “I am calling and I want to speak to the Prima Ballerina” and no one else! It made me laugh every time he left a message. The message itself was always so precious and typically “Mark”.

    I am most saddened that the mentality of someone who’s life is not working can invade and literally destroy someone like Mark.

    I think we must find the body and put his Spirit to Rest.

  45. Here is the message I got from tahlia at go skagit regarding covering mark’s story
    Yes I will be doing more stories.  I am trying to contact anyone who knew him and was around him frequently.  My contact information is below. Tahlia
    Tahlia GanserReporterSkagit PublishingSkagit Valley HeraldPhone: 360.416.2148Fax: 360.428.0400

  46. Here is a reply I received from christine with seattle times. I did not know mark well but her email indicates she would welcome contact from anyone who did see below

    Dear Jenilee,‬‪Thank you so much for letting me know how much you care. I am committed to covering this story as thoroughly as I can and would appreciate any additional insights or contacts you can give me. I am looking for people who would be willing to talk to me about Mark on the record as well as people who need to speak anonymously, or on background. Please spread the word and let people know.‬‪Thank you so much,‬‪ ‬‪Christine Clarridge‬‪Christine ClarridgeSeattle Times staff reporterdesk – 206-464-8983email – cclarridge@seattletimes.comfax – 206-464-2261

  47. Like everyone else, I too am so sad and perplexed at why and how this can happen to a person. They took his life in the most selfish and hateful way. Ted was a good friend of my Parent’s and was a fixture in our lives growing up. I will always have great memories of him, his various Germans, and his fabulous sense of humor…..I am sorry for the loss of my Dads good friend of so many years….One never imagines that someone can disappear from life like that so quickly at the hand of another ………especially for no reason at all…..nothing I have heard or imagined yet has warranted such an outcome….. Its hard to believe he’s gone….

  48. I am so truly saddened to hear what has happened to Mark. He was a true unique individual and friend. I loved his sense of humor, his stories and most all his knowledge of dogs. I had never had a dog when I got my german shepherd Anton from Germany (2000). Thank god I met Mark….I always enjoyed going up to Island dog adventures to drop off or pick up Anton. It always felt right to leave my little boy with him.To this day I think of Mark with my commands and everything I learned from him in regards to my dog. Training me not to be overpowered by a german shepherd was the more difficult task for him. I still thank Mark to this day. He let me stay at his guest house when I got a divorce. I went to his wedding in Las Vegas, he was so proud and looked so handsome in his suit. He successfully talked me into selling my Porsche to him as he assured me that I wouldn’t need this car anymore since I had such a big dog. I have such fond memories and are truly angered for him to die so young in such an awful way.I wished there was more that I could do. I will never forget you.

    Marion Stewart.

  49. I finally told my almost 5 year old daughter about Marks (apparent) death. She asked me why he died. I explained to her that sometimes a persons body is hurt so badly that it cannot be fixed, and then their soul goes to heaven. She said to me, with the beauty and innocence that only a child can have, “but his love will always be with us, right mommy?” I said yes, it will be.

    I had to share that with everyone. I believe that what she said is true. Out of the mouths of babes…..

  50. Many thanks to the person(s) responsible for setting up this website.
    I am Marks sister. I am so proud that my brother touched so many lives. (Human and Canine) All of the stories ring so true, they have brought me tears and laughter. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories

    I last saw Ted in the spring of 2008. My daughter Julia and I were visiting from Atlanta, which has been home for the last 23 years. We toured the island and met Dingo, Badger and Ginger. As we drove to our cousins, Julie rode with Ted and talked about the Civil War, she had recently written a paper about the role of wives and prostitutes in the war.

    Ted had made a great venison stew and brought three bottles of wonderful wine. We sat at the table for hours cracking jokes and talking politics. I am so thankful for that wonderful memory.

    Do people know the story of how Ted got involved with dogs?

    We grew up with a wonderful German Sheppard, Greta. She died when we were in our early teens. In the fall of 1970, our second step-father died after a long bout with cancer. The marriage was a disaster from start to finish. Life seemed pretty bleak.

    After the funeral there was a gathering at our home. The Hollands, long time family friends brought a German Sheppard puppy to the wake. I have no idea what prompted them to bring this unusual gift.

    Ted and “Gunter” bonded immediately. Mercer Island vet, “Doc Green” was instrumental in getting them involved with the local Search and Rescue association. The rest is history.

    I flip-flop between terrible sadness over the loss of my brother and bitter anger over this horrible crime. I pray that the truth will come out and that everyone who was involved with be prosecuted.

    Theresa and I are working on a memorial. We will keep you posted.

    • I had the pleasure of meeting Gunter when Mark rented a house down the street from my childhood home on Mercer Island. Mark loved that dog like he had birthed him himself. Once Mark had to go out of town and was unable to take Gunter with him, so he had my Parent dog sit. My Dad was thrilled because Gunter was getting up in age and had a problem with passing REALLY BAD gas!! To my Dad that meant he could have chili that night and blame it on the dog!!

    • Victoria,

      Thank you so much for your email to this Blog for your dear Brother. We know now a little more about him and those wonderful, visonary, friends of your family that helped Mark find his niche.

      We all as you can see, share the common thread of gratitude for what he did for us and our furry friends, love, because we realized after awhile that he loved our animals and us, and a loyalty and commitment to his memory and to seeing this sad chapter to its proper dignified closure.

      While we can never even relate to the heartbreak this must be to you and the rest of the Stover family, please be assured that we truly care and want to help so that someday our broken hearts can also begin to heal.

      A very large number of us, perhaps almost everyone here, would like to do all we can to help organize and find your dear sibling, and anything else that is needful, now, and in the future.

      It is more than obvious that the Stover family was and is a very special group of people that were sent here to bring much knowledge, love, and happiness to those of us who truly needed these things for us and our pets, throughout many, many years.

      It would be my hope that the huge legacy your brother left, may be carried forward by those who would be willing to shoulder this immense responsibility that Mark carried so easily, and that we will keep his memory alive in our hearts and minds forever.

      Thank you again, Victoria, you are all in our prayers.

      With Love,
      Dan and Ginie Franco

    • Dear Victoria,
      My wife, Bente and I were among the many clients of Mark’s who considered him a good friend. Please accept our deepest sympathy to you and all of Mark’s relatives and friends. Thank you for sharing some of Mark’s family history. For the past few years I have been working on a special project for Mark which we jokingly referred to as “Project X.” It was a series of five oil paintings which were copies of illustrations from your grandfather, Henry Stover’s book, “The Lure of the Wild.” I do not know if they were ever mentioned to you. Mark took delivery of them this past Summer. I mention this because this is part of your family’s history. Beth has my email if you need any other information on the paintings. Again, our deepest sympathy and prayers, and we too pray that whoever is responsible be brought to justice.
      With love,
      Paul Mullally

      • What a simply wonderful project – he had so much pride in his grandfather and his stories illustrated the point over and over – I am so happy to see your comment.

    • Hi Victoria,

      You may not remember me, but I knew Mark (Ted) since I was little. I went by Debi back then, until my nick name took over. I have many fond memories of how Mark and Gunter were joined at the hip. He used to spend afternoons hanging out with my mom and Jill from across the street in the afternoons and sharing himself. He became a part of our family.

      I just wanted to send my condolences during this dark time. Your brother was loved by every dog and person he touched, and changed so many lives for the better. His death is tragic to those who knew him and society at large, due his integrity, wisdom, and love of dogs that he shared with so many.

      I, too fluctuate between sadness and anger over his loss. I just want to understand why and how this could happen, and have everyone brought to justice. I cannot fathom how anyone could deserve to have something like this occur. Unfortunately, we will never know what dysfunctional thinking the perpetrators were using that led to this horrific event.

      I think that it is great that you and Theresa are working on a memorial for Mark. If there is anything I can do to help, do not hesitate to let me know. I can be reached either by e-mail at or (425) 822-6445.

      Mark was such an inspiratipon to me in how to follow your passion, and everything else will work out. He was such a great teacher that most of the time you were talking with Mark, you were learning and never even knew it.


  51. To the ones responsible for setting up this website- THANK YOU. The pictures submitted are great. I might also suggest that you establish another link where updated news information is posted. This can be used to inform us of any breaking news or information for those of us that can partipate in some sort of search effort. If everyone can pool their resources and tap into any contacts with law enforcement to help us narrow down a suggested search area. In addition to bringing closure it can also attract media attenton. Anything we can do will help all those effected by this tradegy.

    • Great idea on the news link! Also, where are the pictures being submitted? I have my personal favorite — my Rottenweiler near the end of his boot camp on the island — that I’d love to post.

  52. I’m sorry that I cannot meet with you folks- I am too far away.
    Best of luck.

    He was a long time friend.

    R.I.P. Theo

  53. For 4 months in 2007-2008, I met with Mark for an hour once a week to have him guide me in the behaviour of my bosses’ Yorkie. It was always an hour full of laughs alongside instruction. We’d typically go for walks through Madison Park (even to Starbucks or Lake Washington parks).
    Mark was truly “DOGS BEST FRIEND”.
    Not only did he have incredibly witty things to say about life in general but he made me THINK.
    He kept insisting I be “the Alpha” and though controlling a dog is about the dog respecting you, for me the friendship always has taken prioirity. Mark realized that and never made me feel bad, he’d just rib me! :O)
    It was sincerely a true pleasure to spend that lil bit of time with him.

    The real tragedy is how horrific Mark’s passing is rumored to have been. I keep finding myself shaking my head in disbelief. Mark was such a lover of life.
    He had so much respect for life and nature.
    I will forever hold wonderful memories of Mark and his magic presence over dogs.

    May the people responsible for taking the life of such a beautiful heart be held accountable.
    I keep thinking this has all been about $ which is so disgusting.

    Peaceful thoughts to all those who Mark made a positive impact upon.


    A Friend from Texas

  54. I’ve reached out to Beth and one of Marks neighbors regarding organizing a search. Here is the neighbors response.

    Hi Maureen,

    “I think that an organized effort to assist local law enforcement is a great idea. I had a discussion yesterday with a good friend of mine and acquaintance of Mark’s about trying to organize a search. The Skagit County Sheriff Department is working very hard on this case, but is doing so under limited resources. I intended to take some time Monday and Tuesday to try and get a little closer to what is available and can be shared about the case. I don’t have any more information about the case that I can share that is not in the news. Mark touched so many minds if all we can do is come together in an effort to help solve this case and bring every one involved to justice that would bring many of us some sort of closer. I will do what I can from here, although my time is limited do to my commitments with my family and our business. I think we could try to bring every one interested together and at the least come up with tasks those individuals or groups could work on.”

    If anybody is interested I’ve arranged a meeting spot today at 3pm. I know this is very impromptu and quickly organized. I guess you can call this a fireside vigil/chat/strategic planning meeting for Mark.
    JM Cellars (yes, a winery!)
    14404 137th Pl NE
    Woodinville, WA 98072

    Right behind St. Michelle Winery (OK, just realizing how interesting a location this is…. )

    If you can attend let me know by replying or call
    206-200-9849 for more information. And certainly if anybody has any other ideas or locations let us know.

    • We plan to be there at 3pm.

      • I am coming as is my daughter Jessi Kempin

    • I plan to attend, but maay be a few minutes late.

  55. There are no words to express my grief over this terrible tragedy. Mark was an amazing man who our family knew for 15+ years. He helped to train all of our family’s dogs (we’ve had well over fifteen dogs that all knew and loved Mark).

    I first met Mark when I was around nine years old and even then, I knew he was a special individual. I had the great privilege to grow up as he came in and out of our house – always amazed that he would make the journey all the way from his island to our home in Bellevue to spend hours with our family and our dogs. The sky was the limit when it came to his love and passion for dogs. I even remember when I was just a kid – he gave me some lessons on how to handle one of our beloved Great Danes.

    He was hilarious – far and away one of the funniest & wittiest people I’ve ever known. I remember many of his remarks going “over my head” when I was kid – too young to understand many of his references, but that’s just how he was and no matter what he said I remember always having a good laugh about it. He brought so many smiles to our lives. We (my family AND our dogs) always looked forward to his weekly arrival at our house. We’d warn the dogs, when his car pulled up, “uncle Mark’s here!” and they’d go bounding for the door, with happy eager dog smiles and wagging tails.

    He, too, nick named our four legged friends – “Queenie” of course and we had a great big beautiful gentle giant of a Mastiff whom he’d refer to as “Pachy” (short for Pachyderm) – a name that stuck in our household.

    I remember watching him with the dogs – in awe of his talent, his patience, and his affection. The first time I visited his place on the Island I remember being overwhelmed by the beauty of it – his place on the Island perfectly reflected his love and passion for the animals that he cared for and trained.

    Mark, you will be missed – and that is a huge understatement. He may have been our dog’s trainer, but he also became a close family friend over the years. I can’t think of a kinder or more talented human being. I will do everything in my power to make sure that those responsible for this unspeakable crime are held accountable. All those that knew and loved you will make sure that we fight for justice.

    I hope you may soon be able to rest in peace – please say hi to all of our animals up there in the great beyond. I have a feeling when they saw you coming – they put on their big dog smiles and eagerly awaited your arrival with wagging tails.

    we’ll love you forever and you will never be forgotten.

  56. I to have been thinking about Mark and this terrible crime all week. He was my dog trainier and an amazing man. As I read what many of you written it is so sad to think he was taken long before his time. I feel compelled to do something so as suggested I have written 3 local papers urging them to keep the story in the papers and follow the events as they unfold. My question to those that knew him best and loved him the most is should we do more to draw this to the media’s attention?

    In 1990 a family friend, Jami Sherer from Redmond went missing, her body never found. 10 years later her husband Steve was found guilty of 1st degree murder. Jami’s story and many more from the NW have been told with honesty and grit by true crime author and NW native Ann Rule, a dog lover too.

    If those closest to him feel this would be appropriate, I for one would certainly send an email to her as I did the papers urging her to follow this story. Her email is as follows: Please share your thoughts on this and my condolences to his wonderful staff and fiance.

    • I think we need to do all we can to keep this story alive. That way people will keep looking. Most bodies are buried within 50 feet of a trail head. If people start looking for unusual plant growth, broken branches, and recently dug dirt, we will find him sooner. If he was in fact tossed into the channel, we need people watching the shore line. A friend of mine’s brother worked with Anne Rule on a book she wrote about one of his cases. I will check and see if he still has her contact information.

      • Her email address is
        I know that she attends court procedings as she is researching her books. Her presence and involvement could make an impact.

  57. I met Mark in 1996. My dog, Ziv, had run into the street and almost been hit by a car because I had no control over him at all. A friend referred us to Mark. Ziv stayed on the island for two weeks. When we (my now ex husband, Krist and I) came to get Ziv, Mark showed us the drill, sit, stay down, etc. We were impressed!! We had also brought our other dog, Millie, with us. She was a street rescue from San Francisco with a lot of attitude and intelligence. Mark loved her from the start I think. He was trying to call her over and she was just ignoring him, sniffing around. He started calling her “the divine Miss M” “Mrs. Helmsley, you have an urgent call please pick up on the red phone” She ended up just being “Mill the Pill” and she was indeed a pill! Mark was a riot. The real kicker was that when it was time to go home, Ziv walked back to his kennel, not to the car!

    I had met Mark not long after a friend of mine had committed suicide. Our one on one training sessions were also a time to talk about life and the meaning of it all. This helped me through a very dark and sad time in my life. He always listened with compassion and care.

    During the time that I was working with him training my dogs I was also going to school for photography. I took a documentary class and wanted to do my project on dog training. Mark allowed me to photograph him training dogs and talked with me about what was happening with each series of photos. It was a privilege to spend time with him and watch him work. He knew so much and even when the dogs resisted they eventually gave in, always gazing up at him, so happy that they had pleased him by getting it right. “with a dog you need to build that trust, it doesn’t come automatically. It’s like building up a good credit rating, it takes time and consistency”

    Over they years Ziv and Millie stayed on the island many times. Once I remember calling from Croatia to check in on them. Mark said he thought I missed my dogs more than I would miss my husband, I said I thought he was probably right! Although I missed them, I always knew they would be safe and happy with him. They were always happy to come home, but loved it there so much.

    Millie died in 2005. She had spent almost two months with Mark up on the island because she had been having some severe behavioral problems and Mark helped her work through them. He said they used to go out on a walk together each evening. He enjoyed those walks told me he once asked Millie “think of all of the things in this life that had to happen Mil, just so we could take this walk” Mark was a sensitive and deep man. I learned so much from him on a philosophical level.

    Over the last two years after his painful divorce, we saw each other more often. I would meet him in the park and walk Ziv while he walked another dog. He was so sad for awhile, it shook me up and I was worried about him. He was better over time, especially after he met and fell in love with Theresa. Theresa, I have never met you but know how much Mark loved you and how happy he was that he had you to share his future with.

    One day while we were walking Mark said to me, “I usually don’t tell people this, but I think it would be good for you to get a puppy” Ziv was 14 and had slowed down so much. Mark knew how devastating his passing would be for me. I thought about it a lot. I mentioned that I thought I was ready, Millie had been gone almost 4 years. It was time. Marks neighbors Tom and Stephanie had one bi color German Shepherd puppy named Huckleberry left. They were waiting for the right person for him. I was lucky enough to be that person. We brought Huck home in late June I think.

    Ziv passed on October 12. Having Huck helped me through some of the pain and loss of Ziv. When I brought Ziv to the emergency vet, I immediately called Mark. Ziv had torsion bloat and I knew he would never make it through the surgery required to save his life. Mark never told me what to do, but instead helped me to see through my sadness and do what was best for Ziv. The most painful decision a pet owner ever has to make.

    Mark would sometimes call me in the evening. Recently we had talked about life and death. Mark believed in God and was puzzled by those who did not. He told me after Ziv died that I should not worry, I would see him again someday. He said “it all matters Shelli, all the good and right things that you do in this life. Having integrity and not hurting others. Even the little things that no one else ever knows about matter. Being a good person will lead to an eternal life, to eternity being there for you. Ziv and Mil will be waiting for you”.

    The week after Ziv died Mark called. It was friday night, he had seen a lone bald eagle flying low over his property. He said “Ziv came by today, he wants us to know he is safe, he is happy, and he is with Mil”

    Mark, thank you so much for everything you gave us over the years. Thank you for caring so much for Ziv and Millie, thank you for caring so much for me and my daughter, for always taking the time to listen. I am so glad I could be there for you during these last trying months of your life. I am grateful I was able to tell you how much I loved and respected you. Thank you for Huck, he is a gift that came to me through you. Thank you for your humor and wit, no one could say it like you could. We will not let this crime go unpunished, we all owe you that. I know that you are there with all of the dogs you loved so much, and they are so happy to see you. Please remind them that we still think of them and will always love them. Please know we will never forget you and your beautiful spirit. I hope you are all running free on the green grass with the sun shining on you. I know that if you are with your dogs, you are at peace, and that makes me smile through my tears.

    With love and respect,
    Shelli Hyrkas

    • Shelli,
      is there any chance you could post some of your photos?
      we would love to see Mark in his element.
      thank you.

      • I will try to scan them, they are from the old days of black and white film. (not super literate with the computer stuff yet…) I wonder if anyone would spot one of their own dogs in there!


    • Please post photos. I’m trying to figure out how to share my one photo of my beloved, terrible dog, Woody, at the end of his month on the Island with Mark.

  58. I just want to let all of you know that your emails and posting to news sites is helping keep the word alive about Mark. Art Shotwell of Anacortes Now emailed me with a request to use some of the stories from this blog for an article. Please let me know if you would like your comments or stories not to be used.

    And do we have any legal type folks out there?

    Art Shotwell wrote the following:

    “Clearly, there is interest in the
    story of his disappearance, but not much seems to be happening” Thanks, Art

    Art Shotwell

    • Akulest -

      Thanks for the information regarding Art Shotwell of “Anacortes Now”; I have sent him an email asking him to help us bring closure for the immediate family of Mark, his employees, and then us.

      I am saddened to not hear that even a search party was organized to try to find Mark. If someone wants to organize one, I will be happy to come up from Bellevue and assist.


      Dan Franco

      • A search party is an excellent idea…I am not from the immediate area but would in an instant drive up to help. If anyone with the knowledge of the area and skills to organize such an event would put this together I know many would give their time and effort to find him. Anything we can do will draw attention to this tradegy and bring closure to his loved ones.

      • I agree, I think a search would be a good idea. Does anyone know how to organize it?

      • I live in Stanwood and would be happy to help organize a search party just let me know what you need me to do!! Does anyone know how to contact Mark’s employee to maybe get access to his property? I also think his own personal Dogs might be able to help in the search. Just a thought.

    • It would be an honor.

  59. R.I.P. Mark…this whole deal really bites…you were the one that first introduced me to the world of working k9′s when we started doing protection work back in 1996…i’m still involved with the working dog world thanks to you sir…which i’ll always appreciate…may you be at peace along with your Ethan, Badger and others…

    regards, darryl

    p.s does anyone have a photo of Ethan they could email me please at…it would be appreciated…

  60. I was so sad to hear about Mark. He is an old friend. He helped us in so many dog issues . We need to find out who did this. Please do not stop looking for that person or persons.

    • There is more people involved in this besides M. O. lets find thom!!!!

  61. Dear Mark,

    I can not put in to words the immense pain and emptiness that I feel thinking about what has happened to you.

    We used to meet Mark at Green Lake for our training sessions with Anka our GSD. Mark would always try to sneak up on she. She would not tolerate this kind of behavior from anyone else except of course Mark. As soon as Mark took over her Angle wings would appear and she would be the perfectly behaved dog. It was really a remarkable experience to see his connection to dogs. Often people would stop us at the lake and ask Mark what kind of training he was doing. Well as you all know Mark spoke in riddles. So, when he answered the questioners it was priceless to see the perplexed look on their faces. However, in his answer there was always a nugget of his wisdom. Most times after our sessions we would still be trying to figure out what exactly he had been talking about. How someone was able to know so much about so many subjects was beyond us.

    On many occasions when we were not firm enough in our corrections with Anka Mark would compare it to Real Estate commissions. He would say “she is trying to split the commission with you here! Would you let another agent in your office split the commission on your own listing?” I wish I were able to remember more of his unique humor.

    Thanks all of you who have shared your thoughts and memories of this amazing man. His energy and wisdom will live on through all of us and our four legged friends.

    We will miss you Mark, Athena (AKA Queenie) will be there to greet you.

    Shaun, Eva, Aida and Anka.

  62. Back in 1992, we thought we wanted a Malinois. Mark thought we should stick with GSD’s. (“A Malinois will read all your books and rearrange the firewood before you have your morning coffee. “) We wanted to try our hand at Search and Rescue—No problem. Mark started our pups at 8 weeks of age. THEY knew what they were doing in no time. It took us humans a lot longer—but Mark persevered. In the meantime, my husband discovered a fellow Civil War enthusiast and thus started a long and fascinating friendship. Mike and Ilga are the mere humans who filled in the interstices between our dogs and Mark. We weep for the loss of such a charismatic, compassionate, and talented friend. Mark’s death leaves an empty space in our hearts and in the world. May Beth, Amber and Teresa be comforted by the outpouring of sympathy from all of his many friends and acquaintances.

    Here’s our litany of beautiful dogs, trained, loved, and “hosted” by Mark and his crew:

    Tanya was tenacious. The “Old Bag” contolled two young pups thrust upon her old age with just the curl of her lip. “You could learn a lot from her.”

    Issa (born in the kitchen on The Island–Aida’s first litter) was feisty enough to gave Mark a run for his money. He pulled out the big guns. ETHAN came out to give Issa a lesson. He leisurely stepped out of Mark’s car, Issa, our dog-agressive problem child, took ONE look at that big, black presence, rolled over on her back and licked his lips.

    Basho (Uncle Ethan’s nephew) was a noble creature who qualified for Search and Rescue. Mark helped us survive his loss from bone cancer.

    Argos was in the wrong family and goiing awry. Mark convinced us he would be a good fit at our house and helped us integrate him into our menagerie. He’s still our “kid.”

    Tico (another dog he called “Queenie”) was destined to be the mother of Mark’s next dog. Last month, Mark helped me make arrangements with a Canadian kennel to breed our girl. He wanted one of her pups—a black one. We emailed on Tuesday about her “marital” arrangements. Thursday he was dead.

    We all will miss him.

    Ilga, Mike, Argos & Tico

  63. This is Maureen adding an email from Beth and Amber that was sent out the evening of Friday, November 6.

    Thank you to everybody who has contributed so far. I had no idea that this would be embraced by those as well as it has been. Each post illuminates what a great tragedy this loss is for everbody who was fortunate to know Mark and for those who have never met him. Mark has an amazing community of friends. We’ve had close to 2,000 views today alone. Mark will not be forgotten and lets hope these words will provide support and a voice for Mark.

    From Beth and Amber:

    To all our dear and valued clients and friends:

    As you may have already heard, our beloved Mark has fallen victim to a tragic death. It is with great sorrow that we must close down the business until further notice.

    Please let us know if we can assist with making other arrangements for immediate future reservations. For all of our food clients, we are recommending that you contact AFS directly at 800-743-0322 and speak with Jeff Wurtzel.

    Please visit and share your memories of this remarkable man.

    To all inquiring about a memorial service, Mark’s fiancee, Teresa, has begun plans and we will let everyone know as these plans develop.

    We appreciate all your love and support during this very difficult time.

    With great fondness and respect,

    Beth Coleman and Amber Baker

    • Beth and Amber,
      I have had a lot of calls from your clients. It is apparent you have built some wonderful relationships with your clients. Honestly it sounds like one big family out there. You should be very proud of the work you have done.

      I wanted to let you know we have a short term plan and are making sure we get food out to your clients at a price as close to what they have been paying as possible. It might be a couple of dollars higher, but we are paying a higher freight rate for 3 day rather than 4 day delivery.

      Long term, I would like to talk with both of you about your plans and have had several recommendations for other possible retailers.

      My goal is we make this transition as smooth as possible for each of you as well as each of your clients and their “Big Sweeties”.

      I am so, so sorry for your loss. Please contact me when it is convenient and appropriate for you.

      Jeff Wurtzel

  64. If only the dogs could talk!!!

    We love you, Mark!

    Joie, Tiloup, Kali & Bella

  65. We first met Mark in 1984. He came to our home in Redmond for the first of several private training sessions with our dog Angel a shepard/malamute mix. We adopted her from an animal shelter and soon discovered we had our hands full. Mark arrived that day in a Jag and along with him out came 4 beautiful sheppards. How they all fit in that car I will never know, but we became a believer in Mark and his incredible talents with dogs that day. That short time he spent with Angel …well you all know it was an amazing thing to watch his connection with dogs. We signed up for Saturday classes at Clyde Hill Elementary in Bellevue and went through basis and advanced classes. We laughed and learned the whole way through. Angel was an escape artist and could clear any fence. She also suffered from separation anxiety. Mark was there for it all and came to our home on several occassions. Without him I don’t know how we could have handled her on our own. She was a remarkable dog all because of his undying devotion to helping others understand our beloved pets.

    3 years ago our paths crossed again. This time it was with Koda an Alaskan Malamute. Koda spent a week with Mark on the island…we found him to be the same Mark we remembered all those years ago. Recently we were at Marymoor Park and watched a man training his Sheppard in the field…we watch the man and his dog and knew instantly it had to be a Mark Stover trained dog. His legacy will live on with all of us he touched and trained over the years.

    Thank you for those reponsible for setting up this website and for sharing your wonderful stories…it brings back such wonderful memories for us and we find ourselves both laughing and crying as we read them.

    God Bless your Mark.

  66. Mark and his staff have taken wonderful care of our dog over the past four years. Shortly after we adopted Samson, our strong-headed, too-smart-for-his-own-good Akita mix, we realized we’d gotten in over our heads. Mark really helped us understand each other better, and his quips about Samson always made us laugh. Probably because they were so true. Whenever Samson is being stubborn I think of the time that Mark said, “He’s tougher’n a two-dollar steak at Denny’s.” Makes me smile every time.

    Our thoughts are with Mark’s friends and family, and especially with Beth and Amber, who have taken such great care of us and Samson over the years.

    Jessica and Charlie

  67. I’ve just been reading through all the lovely comments and find myself crying for the countless time this week. I heard about what happened on Tuesday morning from my mom. I remember being absolutely speechless and then bursting into tears.

    I met Mark many years ago when my parents first started using him to help train our Great Danes. We had one Dane in particular, Jake, who was extremely hard to handle, and Mark never gave up on him.

    About a decade after bringing our dogs to him, I brought my own little trouble maker to Mark’s attention. Again, Mark never gave up on Amelie and made huge strides in helping her be less protective of me and more accepting of other dogs. To this day, when she misbehaves, I say, “Amelie Anne Kempin! What would Uncle Mark say? He’d say, Frenchie! Knock it off!” And she totally responds. She knows exactly who and what I’m taking about.

    So, I am left now to ask why and what could I have done to stop such an awful thing from happening? I ask myself this everyday. The only thing I can do now is fight for justice for Mark. He was an amazing person with a wicked sense of humor, amazing wit, intelligence, and unconditional love for our four legged friends.

    Amelie and I will never forget him and won’t rest until justice is done for him. Rest in peace, Mark.

    Love, Svenja and Amelie

  68. I am so deeply saddened and shocked by the news of Mark’s death. I got a delightful message from Mark on Tuesday evening (October 27) saying that our dog Hana would be ready for us on Friday (October 30), all bathed and ready to come home from her month long training. He sounded happy and was pleased with the progress our dog had made during her time with him. When my husband and I arrived at his property on Friday, we were greeted by two cops who stopped us from getting out of our car. Stephanie came from next door and was escorted by a detective to get our pup from the barn. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that something wasn’t right. Although Stephanie was obviously shaken she proceeded to give us a brief training session, which just demonstrates the level of commitment and care that Mark and his team provided to our girl.

    Stephanie informed us that Mark had been missing since Wednesday, and please keep Mark in our prayers. I read the news clip right after we left the property and the pieces of his disappearance started coming together. I felt sick.

    We only knew/corresponded with Mark a little over 6 weeks, but that was long enough to get some insight into what a remarkable and intelligent man he was. Reading everyone’s testament on this blog has brought me such comfort to know how highly regarded and deeply loved he was. I feel so sad that I didn’t get to continue knowing and learning from Mark. No doubt, he will always be remembered by my husband and me.

    I remember him telling us about a tall redhead who made everyone’s head turn when she walked in a room. And, I got a kick out of him calling Hana “queenie” and referring to her sleeping in a four poster bed and having lattes at his place. He told us that she wouldn’t be running for president anytime soon but she had gained a lot of confidence. Other things he said were way beyond my comprehension, but his quick wit and obvious connection with dogs gained my confidence in him and his team. Within 5 minutes of meeting our crazy, neurotic dog who doesn’t like strangers, he had her looking at him longingly for head rubs and leaning against his side with all of her weight. He told her “you don’t know me, but I already love you.”

    My heart goes out to his team, his friends, his fiancée, and his family. I pray that justice is brought to those who took his life and his gifts from all those humans and pups that loved him.

    Jenilee and Russell and Hana

  69. Dear Sweet Mark –

    Your senseless death has left a gaping hole in my heart and soul. I miss our daily phone calls and your enormous presence in my life. I miss your passion for history (especially the Civil War), your frustration over the health care system (and Obama), your love of fast cars and old station wagons and your incredible and quirky wit. I miss watching you work with dogs, the great love of your life, and I miss watching you interact with Campbell with such childlike enthusiasm and sophisticated insight. She so loved riding in your Porsche that night we went to The Pink Door; you had her convinced it was the “coolest car in the world”. It didn’t take long for me to realize I had to be at the top of my game whenever we were together – you had amazing passion for everything.

    Your love of dogs was extraordinary and your insight into them, magical. You were the kindest of friends when I was faced with the decision of putting my beloved 18 year old dog down. I remember the day you sat in my backyard for hours just holding her. You knew when the time had come and you so lovingly guided me through the process. You never gave up on “Grandma” and you never forgot how heartbroken we were over her loss. You were her most passionate advocate, and to me, it was one of your finest hours. I will always love you for that.

    I’m devastated that you are still out there somewhere and I’m so sorry I didn’t take more seriously your concern that somebody was trying to kill you. You knew the possibility was real and you were adamant about it. The very idea, so unfathomable, did not make any sense to me. I will never make this mistake again, I promise. There will be justice; there are so many people fighting for you and trying to come to terms with this despicable tragedy.

    My hope is that you have made it to the Rainbow Bridge, that all the pets you have lost along the way were eagerly awaiting your arrival (and Holly too) and that you all crossed over together. I pray that you finally feel safe.

    We all miss you, Mark.

    With love,

    Sharon, Walker, Campbell and Charlie (& Holly too)

  70. Dear Beth and Amber,
    We are deeply saddened and shocked at this news. We cannot believe that this happened to Mark. Mark has been exceptionally kind to us and we will always remember his wit, sense of humor and an amazing uncanny ability to connect with dogs. Our lab simba, first came to mark when he was 15 weeks old and we have been boarding him at stovers for years. He was always so excited to go there and there was many a time he would bark all the way from the turnoff at reservation road until the big gate.

    Mark, we will miss you very much and the dog world on earth has lost a wonderful friend. We picture you out there across rainbow bridge surrounded by the dogs whose lives you have touched in such a special way. That picture helps us cope with the deep sadness we feel about you going away before your time.
    Divya, Krish and Simba

    • One of the saddest parts of this tragedy is that Mark’s poor dog couldn’t protect him. Please someone update us on the dog’s condition. Mark helped me with protection training and expounded on the benefits of a good German shepherd for the job. I lost my girl last year (Mark called her “Queenie” as well). I’m sure she was at the rainbow bridge wagging her tail thinking she was getting her raw meat delivered!!
      Mark, buddy, we miss you.

    • I will add a few lines to what my wife Divya has already said so eloquently above.

      Her comment about the our dog barking at the Reservation Road turn-off reminded me of something: we had moved to India for two years, and when it was time to return, we sent Simba unaccompanied a few days earlier (to spare him the sight and stress of a packing household) to a lady who received him at Portland airport, and then drove him up to Anacortes.

      I recall getting a very worried call from her at about 3AM (in India) the day after she picked Simba up. Simba was going absolutely berserk in the back of the truck, she said nervously, barking his head off and pawing at the window – what did I think the problem was? On a hunch, I asked her where she was. Sure enough, she was at the turn-off at Reservation Road!! Even after two years, the prospect of getting to Mark’s place made our boy go insane with joy… that’s saying something!

      I remember too, thinking every time we dropped Simba off or picked him up from Anacortes – what an absolutely fantastic place to spend a few days, that I wouldn’t mind being sent there once in a while.

      Really wish I could remember some of Mark’s witticisms – he had some really funny ones every time we met; something unflattering about people in Bellevue buying Porsches, and something else about how it was not possible to have “too much horsepower” – very dry, very typically Mark.

      The last time I saw Mark was in Jan 2008. We had made one of our many trips to drop Simba off. We were flying to Tokyo for a “look-see” trip before moving here for work reasons. Mark looked at me through those narrow slits of his eyes and growled – man, Krish you must have pissed someone off real good to land that combat assignment!!

      Ever since then, my wife and I have referred to our stint in Tokyo as the “combat assignment” – it has just stuck! And Mark, we actually are having a blast, I am sure you would have appreciated knowing that!

      Rest in peace – you were a good man!


  71. Friends – we need to keep this story in the news, so the pressure is on the authorities to stay aggressive in solving this horrific crime.
    Call the folks who did the stories – ask them to do a follow up to keep it in the news.
    We owe it to Mark.

    Here is some contact info on folks who have covered it so far:

    Christine Clarridge/Seattle Times: 206-464-8983 or

    ROB PIERCY / KING 5 News 206-448-5555

    Tahlia Ganser, Skagit Valley Herald 509-582-1515

    Kiro TV 206- 728-7777

    Anacortes Now – Editor Art Shotwell

    • I just sent emails!

    • Sent e mails this morning! Please everyone send e mails this weekend!

      Forward the link to your friends and ask them to send an e mail too. That’s what friends are for in times like this!

    • Not only will I hound these people ( thanks for the links ) I also have been and will continue to post on my Facebook page about the lack of news and the need for more info for the public for this quirky lovable Seattle Icon he deserves better. I’m still holding out hope, he’ll be found alive but injured and PISSED!! If anyone could survive it would be Stover!!

      • With all the information given out by the press which I’m sure is just some ~ as much as I’d like to believe that Mark is still out there Alive, how can you think otherwise? There was a gun found by Oakes, which he tried to dump that smelled of bleach. The bathroom in Mark’s house was ‘unusually clean & smelled of bleach’ Seattle Times Nov. 5th – so as much as we’d All like to believe that our bigger than life friend is alive – I don’t.

        A search mission for his body?? If he was thrown into a waterway up there – where does it feed in to ~ The Sound?? How about currents out there – Mark himself once told me while out in the water – that the current out there is treacherous & how many people throw themselves off Deception pass to never come up? Don’t know how feasible finding his body will be.

        I doubt that the person(s) she/he/them had Any clue how much this Man, Mark had made an impact on so many lives – I gather they thought it would “all go away”… little did they know, huh?

  72. Hello Dan and Ginii
    Yes, Beth is taking this is like losing a parent for her. I, like you, wish there was something we could do that would help her but there are no words that can ease or adequately address this unbelievable situation.
    When she called me this morning, she said she had only been taking some time off of work and that the police were wrong when they said she had terminated her employment.
    We live in rural Arlington which is more than an hour away from Anacortes..but we made the trip up there anyway hoping to find out that Beth was OK.
    She and the other staff want to keep the operation going if they can. It would be wonderful if they could.
    Thanks so much for writing….we must all keep the faith and hope that this awful injustice to Mark will be handled appropriately…..Dalene Somerville

  73. My family has known Mark for many years. We would dearly like to attend any memorial that may be planned. Please keep us informed through this website of any gathering, or site where donations could be made. Maybe a commemorative plaque somewhere would be appropriate. I don’t know. We are all deeply saddened and are reaching for anything to remember and celebrate Marks soul.

  74. The news of this horrific tragedy is beyond belief and our family is deeply saddened by the loss of Mark. He was larger than life…witty, charming, intelligent beyond words and most notably a savior and angel for our beloved dogs.

    My husband and I rescued our dogs from the Humane Society in the Bay area, first Morgan when she was just 12 weeks old, and Emma 2 years later when she was 10 weeks old. Even at that tender young age, both dogs had already developed serious behavioral problems….Morgan with severe separation anxiety and Emma with dog aggression that got increasingly worse as she got older. We did everything we could to help them but if anything they just got worse. 4 years ago I was pregnant with our first son and the girls were not only fighting with other dogs but had begun fighting with each other…someone almost always ended up at the vet/hospital, including myself. I was so panicked about bringing a newborn into this situation that I was on the verge of giving our dogs away, which seemed unimaginable to me but far better than the alternative, my child getting caught in the middle. Thankfully a friend suggested we try Mark. He was the first person willing to take our dogs into a kenneling environment. From the moment I spoke with him I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The girls stayed on the Island for a month after my son was born and we could not believe the change in them each time we went for a visit. I remember just marveling at the way in which Mark related to the girls, and the analogies he had for them. He understood OUR dogs in a way we never had.

    In the years since then our girls have gone up for a few more weeks of relaxation, we really considered it a vacation for them, but sadly it has been a while since we’ve seen Mark and Beth. Thank you for helping us to understand and love our dogs in a new way, and for saving them!!! Truly, if it were not for Mark our girls may not be living out their final days with us in our loving home. Mark, we bless your journey and will always remember your most remarkable spirit. There is a bigger place for you in heaven with all of your 4 legged friends. You are loved and will be sorely missed! The Heller Family

  75. Just a few words to let everyone know that Beth called me this morning after reading of my concern for her…She is OK and doing as well as can be expected in the face of this devastating loss. Dalene Somerville

  76. Dear Sweet Mark –

    Your senseless death has left a gaping hole in my heart and soul. I miss our daily phone calls and your enormous presence in my life. I miss your passion for history (especially the Civil War), your frustration over the health care system (and Obama), your love of fast cars and old station wagons and your incredible and quirky wit. I miss watching you work with dogs, the great love of your life, and I miss watching you interact with Campbell with such childlike enthusiasm and sophisticated insight. She so loved riding in your Porsche that night we went to The Pink Door; you had her convinced it was the “coolest car in the world”.

    Your love of dogs was extraordinary and your insight into them, magical. You were the kindest of friends when I was faced with the decision of putting my beloved 18 year old dog down. I remember the day you sat in my backyard for hours just holding her. You knew when the time had come and you so lovingly guided me through the process. You never gave up on “Grandma” and you never forgot how heartbroken we were over her loss. You were her most passionate advocate, and to me, it was one of your finest hours. I will always love you for that.

    I’m devastated that you are still out there somewhere and I’m so sorry I didn’t take more seriously your concern that somebody was trying to kill you. You knew the possibility was real and you were adamant about it. The very idea, so unfathomable, did not make any sense to me. I will never make this mistake again, I promise. There will be justice; there are so many people fighting for you and trying to come to terms with this despicable tragedy.

    My hope is that you have made it to the Rainbow Bridge, that all the pets you have lost along the way were eagerly awaiting your arrival (and Holly too) and that you all crossed over together. I pray that you finally feel safe.

    We all miss you, Mark.

    Sharon, Walker, Campbell and Charlie

  77. Mark Stover (THE REAL DEAL). So seldom in life do we get the opputunity to meet an individual that is so incerdibly good at what they do, Mark was no doubt one of the most intelligent, witty, capable and intense individuals I may ever meet. I was blessed with the oppurtunity to learn and grow, under the guidance of Mark with my wife Stephanie and our GSD Sampson. We will continue to grow and share from the gifts of our experiences with Mark.

    When Mark moved in next door we became even better friends. When this crazy chain of events began I told Mark that I would be there for him and his staff if they needed my help in any way I could. My only regret is that I was not there when he needed me most. I am committed to being there for him if only to watch over his property and to support Beth, Amber and my dear wife Stephanie in continuing his life’s work and legacy.

    My heart goes out to all that loved and learned with this great man! Some who cared for him have placed flowers and pictures at the corner of his property. I would like to offer my help in placing items for those that can not make the trip. If you would like to send anything, I would gladly place it on the site.

    With Greatest Sympathy,
    Thomas Poor
    13133 Thompson Rd
    Anacortes, WA 98221

    We will miss you Mark!

    • Tom, thanks for taking the time to talk with me yesterday by the fence. When I got home and read the news the cancellation of the hearing made sense. I hope to see you again.

  78. I’ve known Mark seven years and can’t, actually refuse, to acknowledge what has happened. He has cared for my two Golden’s during this time and has become a part of our lives. While I can’t profess to know Mark well, his personality can be described as larger-than-life, with his deep raspy voice, his command of history, and so many spontaneous and witty jokes, comments, and opinions.

    I was just up there two weeks ago and to think that this community for dogs is no longer is beyond sadness for me. I applaud the comment in an ealier post that we will fight for him and make sure that justice prevails. If there is anything any of us can do please ask. He didn’t deserve what happened, but he deserves all we can give him now.

    A recent, and telling, memory of Mark happened on this past New Year’s eve. I had just returned with my dogs the day before, having picked them up and talked with Mark while there. On New Year’s eve my golden Max developed a really bad cough and hack. I decided to take him to the emergency vet in Kirkland where he was diagnosed with kennel cough. Turns out not to have been the case, and Max had what was the equivalent of a hair ball which once coughed up was symptom free. But I remember standing in the vet’s office for a follow up on the day after New Year’s and Mark called me on my cell phone. He said “Steve, this is Mark.” “Why didn’t you call me; what does a vet know anyway.” ” I said “Mark, I wasn’t going to call you at 10:00 PM on New Year’s eve.” And Mark replied “look, you have my cell phone, you can call me 24 hours a day.” And he meant it. He cared about the dogs.

    In closing, I just hope Mark knew how much he meant to all of us, and our canine companions. He was amazing and irreplaceable.

    Steve, Max and Ginger

    • We do need to see that justice is done & that we tell whatever Mark may have shared with some of us concerning his fears. This was not a man who feared Anything ~ he could conquer an enemy alone with his knowledge of life, his steely eyes, calming voice & rationale.

      He did NOT deserve the end he met! We all have to be here for him now – to represent him with the voice he no longer has – but united we will help bring justice to our dear friend & I know for one he’ll be smiling down at us applauding our efforts!

      • Thank you to all of you for sharing your thoughts, sharing these stories about Mark help a lot of us to somehow deal with this- and now it’s time for some action!

        I, for example, know nothing about the law and I am very afraid that things may be kept “too quiet”. There is a lot going on right now in the news in general, but the Seattle times had nothing in the paper until the 5th, now the link went away fromt he main page.

        The article is still in the “most read” section on place 8 ( down from # 6 yesterday)

        If public interest is there and we can keep it there, would they not have to pick up on it and pay attention to it, the reporters I mean?

        Please E mail the link from the SEA Times to all your friends in your adress book and ask them to read about it- especially your friends with dogs.
        As far as I know Mark played a role years back to help establish the Seattle dog parks, so in that sense, any dog owner in Seattle benefits from his knowledge and efforts!

        This is so very wrong, it just shows us the ugly face of human kind. But we can’t let that win and we for sure can’t let it happen that the system and the law gets this wrong in any way.

        Perhaps some of you know much more or have better ideas than I do? Please share!!!

  79. Our family is still in shock about Mark’s loss. Our training sessions with Mark were definitely the most colorful hours of our week. We will miss walking through Volunteer Park and discussing Montana fishing spots, history, politics the law, and occassionaly, the dogs. Mark’s knowledge of the law so surpassed mine that I often felt like I should ask for my money back from my law school. Mark is also the only person I know who listened to the Washington State Supreme Court oral arguments on the radio.

    We most enjoyed Mark’s comments about our dogs. Some we understood, some we did not. We are still trying to figure out what Mark meant by calling one dog, “a real Mike Lowry,” and telling us another dog was “pulling a Ted Kennedy.” Considering Mark’s political beliefs, neither could be good. It was always clear how much Mark cared for our dogs. We felt secure knowing that when we went away, our furry children were well cared for. We are sure we will never be lucky enough to find that again.

    We still have a message in our voicemail from a few weeks ago from Mark congratulating us on the birth of our son. We never could have believed Mark would never get to meet him. We will miss Mark as a trainer and a friend. He was one-of-a-kind, and we just considering ourselves extremely lucky for having known him.

  80. Mark, we are so deeply saddened by the disturbing news of your departure. This is an unimaginable loss.

    We have so appreciated everything you’ve done for us, and especially Sophie. From the first month she spent with you when she was still a puppy, through the many stays she has had with you over the years, you have made an indelible imprint on our lives. Ron and I always so enjoyed dropping off or picking up Sophie to have the chance to visit with you and hear your many funny stories and thoughts on current events. We always marveled at how quickly your mind worked to discuss multiple topics simultaneously and we always worked hard to decode your cleaver anecdotes & analogies along the way. We also loved the relationship you had with Sophie. She clearly respected and revered you and you clearly had an amazing gift for dealing with her and all the other dogs. I can still hear your voice calling Sophie all the funny ‘pet’ names you had for her.

    Mark, you were a one-of-a-kind man. We will always be grateful for the time we had with you.

    Best Wishes Always,
    Heather, Ron & Sophie

  81. I met Mark five years ago. We had just purchased a beautiful male GSD (Sampson) and my husband and I wanted to be on the same page with the training of this beautiful, kind intelligent, and know it all dog. Also I had dog aggression fear and I did not want to channel that through my new pup. For 2 1/2 years my husband Tom and I met Mark every Saturday morning on the Island for what would be for Sampson and me life changing sessions. Mark came to love Sampson, for he reminded Mark greatly of one of the loves of his life Ethan. And Tom and Mark were kindreded spirits, both being avid outdoorsmen and hunters. Many sessions Sampson and I would stand and wait patiently while the two of them shared hunting and fishing stories.

    I was ill during those two years, fighting migraines daily and it was my kids, husband and my training with Sampson that kept me going. I knew that every Saturday I would have a test from my teacher and I was determined not to get an “F”! Tom and I enjoyed our time with Mark so much that we decided to take Sampson through protective training. I trusted and learned so much from Mark that the woman who came to him with dog fear was now doing aggitation work. What fun we had!! And what a growing experience for me. Sampson loved biting Mark, he was in his element when he was hunting him down and biting.

    A year ago we were blessed to find out that Mark was moving in next door to us. We were exctied about the prospect of working with him so close and glad to know that our new neighbor was someone we could trust implicitly. I struck up a friendship with Beth and was hoping to fill in on training where needed, I really just wanted the oppurtunity to spend more time learning from Mark.

    In September I was so excited when Mark called and said he wanted me on board with the business. The future working with him was exciting for me both in learning from him about breeding German shepherds (which Tom and I have been doing for a couple of years now) and training professionally. At no time did he treat me like an employee, we were friends and neighbors and I was his eager willing student. I felt our mutual respect was growing and there is no word to discribe the pride I had at being what he wanted in a trainer for his business.

    He wanted me to be Mom first for he new how important that was to me and gave me every opputunity to do that. I have lost a friend, mentor, neighbor, and teacher. All I can do is go on teaching others what he taught me, to have a partnership with these wonderful canines but do not be conciliatory.

    A couple weeks ago during one of our hours together down in the field training I took the oppurtunity to thank him for being such a great teacher and how important my time spent with him had been for me, if I could just suck out all 30 years of dog knowlodge from his head and transfer it to mine I would feel complete. At that he laughed.

    What a one of a kind human being, I will forever be greatful for knowing him.

  82. I’ve been a Mark client for many years. When Mark was done training me and teaching me to be the owner my dogs deserved, he also worked with my dogs.

    Mark worked with our German Sheppard who ate my mother’s couch (Heidi), my rescued over bred-under loved American Eskimo (Cinderella), a visiting Mutt (Bo) and our gratefully rescued Black Lab (Corky). Three years ago we brought home 2 Yellow Lab pups (Lucy and Ellie) and Mark was one of the first calls we made. His first response was that he “loved the opportunity to be in on an I.P.O.” and that he would have a “truck in my neighborhood on Thursday”. Strangely, as I reflect, I believe I have now owned 6 “Queenies”….

    I will never forget the site of Mark kneeling and whispering something to in my dogs ears that they always seemed to understand.

    Mark you are missed!

  83. Mia didn’t come straight home with us when Mark found her ~ I brought her & her sister Novia straight up to the Kennel. There she learned how to sit, stay – No Come & Aust by this incredible man & his trained team. Mia & I will sorely miss you Mark. I will miss our conversations, our walks in the neighborhood, your advice on cars (another passion) and your quick smile & shake of your head! Mia will miss your big black van pulling up & hearing your call of “Queenie” ~ I can still ask Mia “Where’s Mark” & she perks up her ears & heads for the door. We won’t let your murderers get away with it, and you will forever be in our hearts and never far from our thoughts. Our prayers are with you.

  84. Our hearts are aching and broken after hearing this unbelievable news. I will always be hearing Mark’s voice coming in our condo saying “Queenie, (actually, Stella, but Mark thought she acted like a queen!) are you ready for me”. He was kind enough to pick up our Casey right from the shelter and take her to his place to work with her because we were out of town. I can still hear his voice on the phone when I called to check in saying “Jeannie, do you realize how big she is”. Sometimes when I would talk with Mark on the phone, I would be jotting down some of the many funny things he was saying so that I could remember them to tell my husband. I have never met anyone as funny, as quirky, as good as Mark. There were so many layers, so many thoughts. One day he brought Stella back from doing a walking training with her, and when he came in the door he said “We reviewed the minutes of the last meeting, and as soon as Stella accepted the fact that she wouldn’t be rising above mid- management, she was fine!” He just “cracked me up”….and then there where those times that I didn’t have a clue what he was saying at all!! (I’m guessing you all might know what I mean.)

    That his life has ended this way is almost more than I can handle. We will miss him and the comfort of having him in our lives…BUT he will always be a very important part of all of us…no one can take that away.

    We love you, Mark, for all time.
    Jeannie, Casey and Stella

  85. Dear Mark,

    Wow!!! I can’t believe 40 year’s have flown by and you were taken away long before your time. We never got to say goodbye. Dog training will never be the same.

    You triumphed over a horrible childhood and found your passion and success. You had a gift that is rare. A dog training lesson with you was never about the dog, it was about me, the owner. You always threw in a free civil war lesson to boot. It was always hard to focus on the lesson, when I was doubled over laughing at your jokes. Your wit and intuitiveness will be sorely missed. I am still trying to figure out a couple of your analogies. As much as I hated to admit it, you were totally right that Nick was passive-aggressive and Kyla has OCD. Though I still find it odd using human condsitions to describe a dog.

    On the 28th of October, I was in Madison, Georgia in an antique store surrounded by civil war memorabilia and telling my aunt about you. It is strange the way things like that occur. While we haven’t talked much recently, I knew you were always there for me and the girls. A very comforting thought.

    After Kyla stayed with you while I was studying in Italy, I kept telling you that the next time I would leave the dogs at home and I was going to stay at Island Dog Adventures instead for a little R&R. You were the only person I trusted to care for my family. Your concern when Kyla impaled herself on a stick and almost died the day after I picked her up from you, showed your deep compassion for humans and animals alike. I still treasure the letter, you sent when Nick was killed.

    As you know, I never quite understood your relationship with Linda. I thought you deserved so much more. I think the loss of your dad and your relationship with your mother was to blame. I will make sure that those, who are responsible will be held accountable and will look for you until we bring you home. Money will not make anyone above the law.

    You have left a hole in the hearts of all the lives you have touched. You brought happiness, laughter, love, and education to countless. You will remain forever in our hearts, prayers, and memories. I am sure Nick was waiting for you and you have found peace and love. Save a place for me and I will see you soon.

    Much love and sadness,

    Kyla, Nick, Sandy, Zipper, and Debi

    P.S. To his colleagues, I am truly sorry for your loss. Mark had such high respect and love for you all that the loss must seem devastating.

    Please keep Mark’s loyal friends and fans posted if you go on training and boarding with Mark’s techniques, so we can rest assured that our dogs are receiving the best possible care and education.

  86. My rottenweiler, Woody, spent a month in boot camp with Mark several years ago after he behaved badly with one of my cats, and also boarded there several times. He made a huge difference in the behavior of my damaged rescue dog. And I loved Mark;s eccentric sense of humor, curiosity and completely unique style.

    While we certainly weren’t close, I’ve been so shocked and saddened to hear of Mark’s apparent murder. Between this, the killing of the Seattle cop last weekend and today’s shooting, I’m feeling just heartbroken about the amount of violence in our world today.

  87. Ginie and I were referred to Stover & Updycke over 5 years ago when we purchased a couple of beautiful purebred GSD’s from K-9 Kraftwerk’s, Wayne Curry. Wayne said we needed to feed them the raw meat diet and get trained correctly, and this was the place to go.
    The rest was a wonderful piece of life that we will never forget. Our “German-Girls” spent a few summers up at the Island, and were even featured in the Photo Section of the website.
    I always wondered why I couldnt spend a week or two in such a beautiful, idyllic place !!
    Getting to know Mark and trusting him with our Girls was one of the highlights of their lives and ours; he was easily approachable, professional, knowledgeable, and if you got to know him better, he was a hoot to be around. He kept us laughing for hours – he could have easily replaced any of the late night talk show hosts, and I always asked him why he wasnt doing just that ! He would just laugh!
    Later on I got to know him better – we were both seriously untreatable car-nuts, and as you know, there is no cure..
    Last month, I spent a few days Detailing his two favorite black cars, and he came up each time all the way to Bellevue to deliver and pick them up – even though I said I would do this for him. That is just a little peek at the huge heart this man of men had for everyone.
    We talked alot about his life this last month, his new love, his utmost gratitude and love for his Employees, especially Beth and Amber. He knew he could not have made it without their dedication and awesome help. He really cared for them and everyone who worked for the Kennel, and I hope you all will always remember that.
    I dont know what will happen now, but I want you all to know that wherever Mark is, if he has passed on, we will all get to see him again, and his familiar voice, and kind heart, will still be the same – exactly as when we saw him last. He will have a whole bunch of new stories to tell us, and we will be laughing and commiserating with him again for hours..
    I also cannot imagine a world without this great guy, but for sure, the world was a better place because of him.

    With all our love,
    Dan and Ginie Franco

    • To Dan and Ginie Franco
      You mentioned Beth in your tribute to Mark…My husband and I have been purchasing food through Beth for the past two and one half years and she was wonderful to work with. We had made arrangements to pick up food on October 30th and she said she would see Nicki, our German Shepherd (also a Kraftwerks dog) and us that day. When we arrived, we let Nicki out and she was expecting to race to the shed and see Beth as she usually did….instead we were met by numerous policemen and were informed that Beth was no longer employed there. Later in the day, we read in the Skagit News that Mark was presumed to have been murdered. We were in shock and immediately began to be concerned about what had happened to Beth. Yesterday we drove to her duplex in Anacortes and the neighbor said that she had moved out about a week ago. I called the usual number to ask about future food orders and Beth’s voice was still on the recorder but no one has called us back.
      We are hoping that Beth is OK somewhere and that maybe she simply terminated her employment because of Mark’s death. Please let us know if you have any idea what her situation is now…Dennis and Dalene Somerville

      • Dalene- Beth may already have gotten back to you, but I know she has a lot to deal with right now so I thought I’d let you know that she is ok. We drove up on Wednesday to see her and to leave flowers for Mark at his fence with some pictures of the girls.

        I have knows Mark and his team for the past 9 years and Beth was always that friendly face making sure all was in order when picking up or dropping our girls off.

        I always see cute ‘little Beth’ on the other end of the leashes of out two german sheperds being pulled towards our car when picking them up- yes, they were pulling despite all that training- Beth with her clip board in one hand, hair flying, dog food container and two dog leashes in the other and a big smile on her face.

        Beth, Mark appreciated you and your team so much and I know he is relieved that you are safe and nothing happened to you that day.

      • Dalene,

        I believe Beth is still around because she replied to an email I sent to – Stover & Opdycke, LLC [] earllier this week, and then she emailed all of us with this Blog.
        I am sure she is greiving much, and wish we could somehow help her. Perhaps you will be able to see her again, since it appears that you live up there?
        I believe the Police were mistaken when they said she was no longer employed – how would they know that, except for someone representing the Company would tell them? Who was left to represent the Company, but her?
        I hope again, that you may be able to see her again and give her a big hug from all of us.
        Dan and Ginie Franco

  88. Our family admired and enjoyed Mark so much. I feel so lucky to have known this great, amazing, funny, insightful man and have not stopped thinking of him since we heard the news. Our beloved black lab Malibu will forever have a piece of Mark with him and for that we are so thankful.

    Mark had such wise, witty and patient words when it came to our puppy Malibu, and such kind, knowledgable, caring and empathetic words as we dealth with the cancer and death of our 12 year old black lab sweet Larson girl last year. We will miss you Mark.

    Our sympathies and warm hugs to all of you who worked closely with him and loved him.

    Malibu’s Family
    (Jessica, Derek, Anderson, Ava, Davis and 1 year old black lab, forever Mark’s friend and student)

  89. Dear Mark-

    Your “real deal” German shepherd here, “Anka girl”.

    Please know that I am forever thankful to have met you. You helped my mom & dad understand me and how I ‘operate’. You on the other hand, knew me before
    I knew myself….

    We started training when I was only 8 weeks old because it’s not easy being a highly motivated, super-smart, slightly bossy and, yes, I admit, stubborn, GSD.

    So, here I was with you for a month at that young & tender age….btw, you had forgotten, you told me, how much work tiny puppies are….ha!

    To complicate things we discovered that I have two bad elbows. Thanks to you we found a wonderful surgeon- no, I did not bite him. I was brave, had surgery at 4 month. Did not help, but mom & dad had to give it a try.

    Lots of bottled up energy with no place to go except acting up…a lot…back to see you for 6 weeks- yay!

    Thanks to you, again, we worked through all of those issues with many, many more wonderful stays at your place (“our 5 star hotel”) followed by countless sessions in Seattle….(I have to say, Mark, I prefer the countryside just like you do……that ‘dog traffic’ congestion around
    Green Lake these days – just ridiculous…all those ‘out-of control owners’….and because you are the best you would spot them before I had a chance to let you know with a big bark….)

    My old sister Aida has known you a whole lot longer than I have, which I am jealous of. I wish so much that this is only a very bad dream we could all wake up from.

    My sadness can’t be described right now. But just so you know, in my dreams I am there to help Dingo to take that horrible, horrible man out – and we are hero’s. That’s how the movie should have ended. Instead we are all
    crying now.

    btw, in your honor Mark, this morning, I had a nice ‘back to the basics obedience session’ with mom. I behaved too.

    My sister Aida, the old “Biddy”, misses you also. Well, she does not hear anymore and always got away with things….

    Justice will be served Mark, all your human friends will and must see to that!

    Love always,
    “Ankee” & Aida

    A word from mom & dad:

    Mark, we wish you are in a better place now. We are so grateful to have known you. You had a very special gift and made the most out of it. Many of us may get to live longer years than you have but I doubt that most of us
    will be as passionate about their dreams as you have been living yours. We will miss you terribly!

    Rest in peace Mark, Eva & Shaun

  90. Mark was first a trainer for my two dogs, my roommate and my daughter. Later he became a friend. He was a funny bright insightful man who stood out as a unique human being. I talked to Mark not two weeks ago. We talked about his life and challenges and being hopeful.

    I miss him very much.


  91. Dear Mark-

    your “real deal” german sheperd here, “Anka girl”.

    PLease know that I am forever thankful to have met you. You helped my mom & dad understand me and how I ‘operate’. You on the other hand, knew me before I knew myself….
    We started training when I was only 8 weeks old because it’s not easy being a highly motivated, super-smart, slightly bossy and, yes, I admit, stubborn, GSD.

    So, here I was with you for a month at that young & tender age….btw, you had forgotten, you told me, how much work tiny puppies are….ha!

    To complicate things we discovered that I have two bad elebows. Thanks to you we found a wonderful surgeon- no, I did not bite him. I was brave, had surgery at 4 month. Did not help, but mom & dad had to give it a try.
    Lot’s of bottled up energy with no place to go except acting up…a lot…back to see you for 6 weeks- yay!

    Thanks to you, again, we worked through all of those issues with many, many more wonerful stays at your place (“our 5 star hotel”) followed by countless sessions in Seattle….( I have to say, Mark, I prefer the coutryside just like you do……that ‘dog traffic’ congestion around greenlake these days – just ridiculous…all those ‘out-of control owners’….and because you are the best you would spot them before I had a chance to let you know with a big bark….)

    My old sister Aida has known you a whole lot longer than I have, which I am jealous of. I wish so much that this is only a very bad dream we could all wake up from.

    My saddnes can’t be described right now. But just so you know, in my dreams I am there to help Dingo to take that horrible, horrible man out – and we are heros. That’s how the movie should have ended. Instead we are all crying now.

    btw, in your honor Mark, this morning, I had a nice ‘back to the basics obedience session’ with mom. I behaved too.

    My sister Aida, the old “Biddie”, misses you also. Well, she does not hear anymore and always got away with things….

    Justice will be served Mark, all your human friends will and must see to that!

    love always,
    “Ankee” & Aida

    A word from mom & dad:

    Mark, we are beyond sad and wish you are in a better place now. We are so grateful to have known you. You had a very special gift and made the most out of it. Many of us may get to live longer years than you have but I doubt that most of us will be as passionate about their dreams as you have been living yours. We will miss you terribly!

    rest in peace Mark, eva & shaun

    PS: To all of Marks friends, please let’s make sure that the people who are responsible for such an unthinkable crime will be put to justice. Voices must be heard and the truth must be uncovered.

  92. I am shocked and sick over what has happened to Mark. He was a remarkable, caring, dedicated individual – qualities that are very hard to find these days. He never gave up on us, or our beagle. He took an abused dog and turned him into a great member of our family.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Mark – as I know you have moved on to a much better place.

  93. My family first met Mark in 1980 – we had a brand new german sheppard puppy and Mark, with the help of his dogs trained her to be one of the best behaved dogs we ever had. We worked with Mark through the years with each puppy that came into our lives. My daughter then carried on the Mark tradition with her own pups. Mark made learing and teaching fun – we all looked forward to our sessions with Mark as a fun, entertaining time. We are so sad at the thought of Mark being gone – never forgotten, but gone.

  94. What a terrible, unbelievable story; made all the more tragic when you consider all the talent and passion Mark possessed. Mark trained our dog 10 years ago…we wouldn’t have made it without him. Our dog had so many issues from years as a ‘rescue’ dog. Mark spent weeks with him, and, as a result, he’s a well-loved member of our family where otherwise we may not have been able to keep him. Mark, you made a real difference in our lives and the lives of so many others. Thank you!!

    I too hope everyone involved with Mark’s disapparearance faces justice soon.

  95. Mark was such an animal lover, he had such respect for animals. He was intelligent, caring and had a great sense of humor. My goldens have stayed with Mark for over 10 years and I always knew they were safe and well taken care of. My dog was delivered the day before Mark was murdered. I saw him later that afternoon and we chatted for a while. He was in a good place in his life. The new kennel was up and running and he had the love of a “tall redhead” in his life. I am going to remember him as happy. Mark had forgotten my dogs allergy serum on tuesday and was going to return it wednesday, unfortunately he never made it to my house. I hope justice is done to ALL involved. He’s driving his porsche in heaven with his 2 german shepards, rest in peace Mark.

  96. My dog & I will sorely miss Mark. His humor, kindness, as well as his knowledge of so many things ~ he always kept us on our toes. You will be sorely missed & I know that there are plenty of us out there that won’t let your memory go by the wayside. I for one, will fight for the justice of seeing your murderers behind bars & I would bet that it was not the lone act of one Michiel Oakes. May the memory of your life haunt those who took it upon themselves to end it.

    • I for one will stand beside you and fight with my last breath to make sure the people responsible are held accoutable for what they did to a wonderful lovable and unique soul!! Have fun playing in the great beyond with Gunter,Blackie and your other fallen four legged friends!! You are loved more than you EVER thought my Brother from another Mother !!

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